Chevrolet Trax Crossover and Trailblazer, where is the difference?

Chevrolet began a pre-contract for the Trax crossover on the 22nd. The Trax crossover is a mid-size segment that combines the advantages of an SUV and a sedan. It has a larger body size and a lower price than the Chevrolet Trailblazer, but there are differences in some options, such as the powertrain and heated two-row seats. Compare the two specifications.

The price of the Trax crossover is 20.52 million won for the LS, 23.66 million won for the LT, 26.81 million won for the Active, and 27.39 million won for the RS. The price of the Trail Blazer is 25.71 million won for the Premier, 27.28 million won for the Active, and 27.72 million won for the RS. The starting price is significantly higher than the Trax crossover for the Trailblazer, which is sold in a relatively high trim.

The LS and LT trims are also among the lowest trims in the US market. The Trax crossover is cheaper than the Trail Blazer by 470,000 won for the Active and 330,000 won for the RS, respectively. A custom design package was applied to all trims, ventilated first-row seats, smart high beams, and 8-way power driver’s seat seats as common options.

The Trax crossover reflects Chevrolet’s latest interior design, and is provided with an 8-inch digital instrument panel and 11-inch display, as well as domestic options, auto-capture air vents and a second row. On the other hand, the Trailblazer has dual zone auto air conditioning, cluster ionizer, natural leather seats, and heated two-row seats.

The Trax crossover’s optional features are relatively simple, such as adaptive cruise control, a technology package (adaptive cruise control, power liftgate), and a sunroof. The Trailblazer has many package items with different options, such as a premium package that includes adaptive cruise control.

BOSE premium speakers, a combination head-up display, a rain-sensing wiper, a Chevrolet bowtie projection hands-free power liftgate, and full UV-blocking glass are exclusive to the Trailblazer. The price of the full package is 28.72 million won (RS) for the Trax Crossover and 34.03 million (RS) for the Trail Blazer.

The body size of the Trax crossover is 4540 mm long, 1825 mm wide, 1560 mm high, and has a wheelbase of 2700 mm. The Trail Blazer has a length of 4425 mm (-115 mm), a width of 1810 mm (-15 mm), a height of 1660 mm (+100 mm), and a wheelbase of 2640 mm (-60 mm). Except for the first, the Trax crossover is large.

Trunk capacity is large for the Trayblazer. Trax crossover trunk capacity is 414ℓ as standard and up to 1405ℓ, and the Trailblazer is 460ℓ as standard and up to 1470ℓ. The Trax crossover is set with front-wheel drive, but the Trailblazer can opt for AWD that can be switched with a 9-speed automatic transmission.

The Trax crossover combines a 1.2-liter three-cylinder gasoline turbo engine with a six-speed automatic transmission to produce a maximum output of 139 horsepower and a maximum torque of 22.4 kgm. The Trailblazer combines a 1.35-liter three-cylinder gasoline turbo engine with a continuously variable CVT transmission to produce a maximum output of 156 horsepower and a maximum torque of 24.1 kgm.

Combined fuel efficiency is 12.7km/ℓ for the Trax Crossover and 12.9km/ℓ for the Trail Blazer based on 17-inch wheels. The standards for 18-inch wheels are 12.3 km/ℓ and 12.6 km/ℓ, respectively. Performance and efficiency are at the forefront of the Pioneers. The 19-inch Trax Crossover wheel is 12 km/ℓ, and the 18-inch Trailblazer AWD wheel is 11.6 km/ℓ.

Reporter Kim Han-sol 〈Top Rider 〉