Chiang Mai announces a risky place for COVID-19 “Wat Chet Yot” informs those traveling between 25-28 December to observe symptoms

Chiang Mai Communicable Disease Committee Announcement of risky places “Wat Chet Yot, Phra Aram Luang” Inform those who traveled between 25-28 December to observe their symptoms. And get tested if there are abnormal symptoms, stressing that people “don’t be careless” during this period because of Covid-19 Omicron species spread easily.

Today (28 Dec. 20) Dr. Songyot Khamchai, Head of the Communicable Disease Control Group Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office Reveal the situation of the epidemic of COVID-19 Chiang Mai province reported 56 new cases of the virus, three of which were imported from other areas, while 53 others were infected in the province. from a new cluster and 12 clusters that still have ongoing outbreaks, consisting of 3 hombar clusters, which are working age groups. Entered the service on December 24th, new cluster. 3 employees of various stores in Central Festival Shopping Center, Wat Jed Yod Cluster Chang Phueak Subdistrict Mueang Chiang Mai District 2 cases, new cluster Antiques shop 108 Recycle, Tha Sala Subdistrict, Mueang Chiang Mai District 1 person, 1 person Satisfied Bar Nimmanhaemin Cluster Soi 7, new cluster Birthday party, Moo 3, Nong Hoi Sub-district, Mueang Chiang Mai District, 1 case and 1 Sopha Cafe cluster. Currently, disease control teams in all areas have taken control of the disease. proactive screening, separating high-risk groups low risk group disinfect the area and investigated the disease

The original cluster was in the process of controlling the disease. proactive inspection and contact tracking Found 2 new infected people, one of which is Chiang Mai Gate market cluster, still a merchant-seller in the market. and a cluster of Le Nerve Cafe, Chang Phueak 1 case, while the infection in the family No new clusters of outbreaks were found. Of the 18 previous contacts with infected people, 21 are those under investigation.

Today, Chiang Mai Province Announcing 1 more risky places, namely Wat Chet Yot, Phra Aram Luang, Chang Phueak Subdistrict Mueang Chiang Mai District People with a history of traveling between 25-28 December 2021 are requested to observe their symptoms for 14 days from the last exposure date. If abnormal symptoms are found, get tested for COVID-19. at every hospital

for the situation of COVID-19 infection Omicron species in Thailand are now found to increase. And there are more than 500 infected people nationwide. Most of them have cough, sore throat, fever, muscle aches, runny nose, headache, difficulty breathing, and decreased smell, respectively. has predicted the situation in Thailand after the New Year festival that if vaccination against COVID-19 has not increased coverage card citizens fall Drop off on universal disease prevention measures Will increase the number of infected with this species to 30,000 cases, but if the vaccination is more comprehensive and people still strictly follow the disease prevention measures Reduce activities for large groups of people. will be able to reduce the number of infected people Therefore, I would like to emphasize that people must not be careless during this period. because of covid-19 Omicron species Spread or communicate more easily than the original species.


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