Home News Chiang Mai declares ‘Mina Mee Rice Shops – 9 stores in famous shopping malls’ as a risk area. Urgently detect infection

Chiang Mai declares ‘Mina Mee Rice Shops – 9 stores in famous shopping malls’ as a risk area. Urgently detect infection

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Chiang Mai declares ‘Mina Mee Rice Shops – 9 stores in famous shopping malls’ as a risk area. Urgently detect infection

On November 25, Dr. Songyot Khamchai, Head of the Communicable Disease Control Group Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office Reveal the situation of COVID-19 Chiang Mai province daily reported that 193 new cases were infected, of which only nine had traveled from the provinces, with the rest being those in the province. They come from different clusters, consisting of new clusters and 15 ongoing outbreak clusters.

Including a dormitory cluster near Wat Tha Phakhang, Village No. 1, Fa Ham Subdistrict, 6 cases, Central Airport cluster 3 cases, which at the moment have found infected people spread to many shops, cluster of companies Tech Co., Ltd., On Sub-District. Tai, San Kamphaeng District, 1 case of migrant workers, 1 case of Ban Lao Construction Cluster Camp, Pa Nai Sub-District, Prao District, and 1 Phrom Phiphat Village Construction Site Cluster, 1 in San Phi Suea Subdistrict, the rest are small clusters.

Detection from high-risk groups during quarantine proactive inspection and tracking of the original cluster touch Found 18 new cases, namely Nim See Seng Company Cluster, Fa Ham Branch 8, Muang Mai Market Cluster 3, Pratu Kom Market Cluster 1, Security Guard Cluster and Land and House Sansai Housekeeper. 1 case, Meena rice shop cluster, Moo 2, San Klang Subdistrict, 1 case and other clusters many more clusters which must continue to monitor and control the disease to prevent further spread

family group cluster Today, there are 7 more found from 3 families, most of which are found at Moo 10, Mae Hia Subdistrict, Mueang Chiang Mai District, 4 families, San Na Lung Road families, Wat Ket Subdistrict, Chiang Mai Municipality 2 cases, and 1 family in Moo 5, San Phi Suea Subdistrict.

In this regard, people with a history of traveling to or coming in contact with employees in 2 places are at risk, consisting of Meena Mee Khao Restaurant, Village No. 2, San Klang Subdistrict, San Kamphaeng District. Between 17-24 November 2021 and 9 stores in Central Airport Plaza, namely NY Clinic Chiang Mai, IBIS (clothing), Eucerin Shop, True Shop, MK Restaurants. , Bar-BQ Plaza, Ryota Shabu, Oishi Ramen and istudio 7 between November 17-25, 2021. Please observe symptoms for 14 days and if symptoms occur. You can get tested for infection at any hospital. or the International Convention and Exhibition Center

For the two deaths today, the first one is a 63-year-old Thai man with a congenital disease, high blood pressure. risk factors for infection It’s a family touch. and had never been vaccinated against COVID-19 before. On November 14, he started having symptoms of fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. On November 15, RT-PCR was tested and found he was infected with COVID-19. He was treated at Rajavej Hospital on November 16, with more symptoms. received intubation Referral for treatment at Nakornping Hospital on November 22, respiratory failure. and died at 11:15 p.m.

and the second case is a 70-year-old Thai woman with congenital diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high blood fat risk factors for infection It’s a family touch. Received 2 doses of AstraZeneca vaccination against COVID-19 on September 2, 2021. On November 11, he started to have symptoms of weakness and liquid diarrhea. On November 13, RT-PCR was tested and found he was infected with coronavirus. He was admitted to McCormick Hospital on November 23, feeling more tired. low blood oxygen Referral for treatment at Sansai Hospital on November 24, respiratory failure. and died at 10:37 a.m.

According to the data, 75% of the deaths It is an infection from contact with family members. and close neighbors even though I didn’t travel anywhere Therefore, we would like to emphasize that the people, especially the high-risk groups Both the elderly and patients with 7 chronic diseases Get vaccinated ASAP to build immunity against COVID-19 As for the vaccination of Chiang Mai Province, today it was found that 1,387,706 people have been vaccinated, or 80.24%. within 30 November

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