Chiang Mai found 38 new infected people. Notify service users of department stores – shops to test for the virus. Quarantine for 14 days.

On September 10, 1921, at the Covid-19 Situation Command Center, Chiang Mai Province, Dr. Songyot Khamchai, Head of the Communicable Disease Control Group Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office Daily announcement of the Covid-19 epidemic situation in Chiang Mai province that yesterday (9 September 64) a total of 2,460 high-risk groups and contacts were screened, 37 positive people were found, and one was in effect. plus from other provinces As for the risk factors for infection, it was found that Most infections come from workplace exposure. It was found from Chiang Mai Frozen Foods Public Company Limited’s cluster at San Sai District. The exposure in the community and family began to have an upward trend and the exposure from the provinces has clearly decreased.

As for the proactive screening in the at-risk occupation group at Phrao District The inspection report of 81 longan collecting workers, all negative. Screening of people entering the province Out of all 175 checkpoints, all of them were negative. proactive inspection in risk areas Omkoi District Disease Control Team Checked at Ban Pi Por Village, Village No. 6, Mae Tuen Sub-district, Omkoi District, adding another 509 cases, found 1 positive case, Chiang Dao District Disease Control Team, checked at Village No. 3, Thung Khao Phuang Sub-district. Chiang Dao District 312 cases, found 11 positive people. Disease prevention and control office team 1, along with a biosafety vehicle bestowed upon him. Visit the staff to check Chiang Mai Frozen Foods Public Company Limited, totaling 447 cases, found 3 positive results and the Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office’s disease control team. Proactively inspected 75 Krung Thai Bank employees at risk groups, all of which were negative.

Details of the 38 new cases include four with a history of traveling from upcountry, three from Bangkok and one from Lamphun. OT, Saraphi District, 1 person, San Klang sub-district family One case in San Kamphaeng district has been in contact with one previous case and is under investigation for 3 cases, the rest from clusters in the province, the Chiang Mai Frozen Foods company cluster, today found seven more cases, bringing the total. A total of 39 cases were collected, of which 7 were manufacturing departments, 3 were high-risk workers in the family, 3 were family members, and 1 was a community contact, all of whom had been admitted to the hospital system. All high-risk groups have issued orders to quarantine at Home Quarantine or Local Quarantine.

Ban Pi Por cluster cluster, Village No. 6, Mae Tuen sub-district, Omkoi district, reported one new case, bringing the total to 37 cases, of which CM 7287 was a contact from another cell. found from proactive examination Currently, Omkoi disease control team have separated high-risk groups – low-risk for infection detection and quarantine, Moo 3 cluster, Thung Khao Phuang Sub-district Chiang Dao District Found 11 new cases, the cumulative total is 20, most of them are home and community contacts. It was detected by the proactive examination of the Chiang Dao district disease control team. have separated high and low risk groups For all infections to be tested and quarantined, cluster Moo 8, Ban Waen Subdistrict, Hang Dong District found 1 new case, totaling 19, with CM 7274 being a family contact found from repeated tests in quarantine. Therefore, there are no more contacts, family infections and B. Brighter Solar Cell Company, Tha Sala Sub-district found 1 more infected person, the cumulative total of 9 cases, of which CM 7270 is a contact who shared a meal. This is still an infection in the family and at work.

There are also three more family and workplace infections that are ready to be upgraded to a new cluster: Top Charoen Optical Shop, Lotus Ruamchok Branch, today found 3 infected, and a family of a housewife at Central Festival department store found another infected. 3 people and a room in Moo 10, San Pu Loei Subdistrict, Doi Saket District Found 1 infected person, which the disease control team of the Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office and various districts. Proactive examination is required. and watch closely

In this regard, I would like to inform those who have a history of traveling to the zone, 2nd floor, Central Festival Chiang Mai between 3-9 September 2021 and those who use the service of Top Charoen Optical Shop, Lotus Ruamchok branch between 4-9 September 2021 to enter. Get tested for COVID-19 at all hospitals with 14 days of quarantine (from the last day of exposure)

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