Home Health Chiang Mai has 394 infections, showing up in another wedding cluster drink the same glass Lamphun people join

Chiang Mai has 394 infections, showing up in another wedding cluster drink the same glass Lamphun people join

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Chiang Mai has 394 infections, showing up in another wedding cluster Ban Pong Sayan, Mae Chaem District – Ban Khun Mae Ruam Teacher Kalayaniwattana drink the same glass Lamphun people join

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On October 30, 2021, a reporter in Chiang Mai Province reported the situation of COVID-19 that 2 more deaths were found, the cumulative death toll was 57, with the first death being a 38-year-old Thai man with congenital disease. namely diabetes and renal failure, the infection is unclear And never vaccinated against COVID-19. On October 20, he started having symptoms of fever, coughing, on October 24, very tired, swollen limbs, unconscious. Relatives were taken to the emergency room at Nakornping Hospital. Doctors intubated and resuscitated. Detected infected with COVID-19 then referred for treatment in the negative pressure ICU. not getting better continually providing supportive treatment until his death on October 28

The other was an unspecified woman aged 50 years with a congenital disease, namely high blood pressure. hyperlipidemia and cerebrovascular disease Risk factors for infection are unclear and never vaccinated against COVID-19. On October 12, he started showing symptoms of fever, coughing and tiredness, on October 13, he was diagnosed with COVID-19. Received treatment at the community hospital, Oct. 24, becoming more tired, seeping down, so intubated. and sent to Nakornping Hospital for treatment, on October 29, with a double bacterial infection. low blood pressure Cardiac arrhythmia and death

As for the situation in Chiang Mai province, 394 new cases were found, of which 6 came from the provinces, 3 from Bangkok, 2 from Bangkok and 1 in Chainat. The remaining 388 cases are in the province. Divided into family infections and 115 contacts with previous cases, the outbreak is still found in many families. distributed in many districts Another 58 cases are under investigation.

Out of the original cluster, 141 cases were under control, of which 141 cases were found during quarantine, such as Muang Mai Market 25, Chiang Mai Gate Market 18 cases, Village No. 7, Hang Dong Subdistrict, Hot District, 16 cases, San Pa Khoi Market 10. Rai, Chang Khlan Community 9 cases, Village No. 8, Hang Dong Subdistrict, Hot District 9 persons, Village No. 5, Bong Tan Subdistrict, Doi Tao District 8 persons, Chiang Mai Rim Doi Company Mueang Chiang Mai District 5 cases, Lanna Polytechnic College 4 cases, Grace International School 4 cases, and in many places 1-3 additional cases were found.

In addition, 74 more cases are infected from clusters that have continued to spread, including 27 workers’ camp cluster in Nong Faek Subdistrict, Saraphi District, and Ban Pong Sayan-Khun Mae Rua wedding, Mae Chaem district and Amphoe Mae Chaem. .Kalayani Vadhana 13 people, Full Hope Foundation Loi Kroh Road 5 cases, Mai Ngam Tile Company, San Klang Subdistrict, San Kamphaeng District 5, Housing Village, Nong Hoi Subdistrict, Mueang Chiang Mai District 4, Yang Nueng Market, Saraphi District 4

for the market cluster In the same market segment, more cases were found during quarantine. and follow up on more people who touch the house Other markets Those who are still found infected include Yang Noeng Market, Thip Nat Market, Sam Yaek Market, and many new ones have also been found, including Ban Tho Market, Charoen Charoen Market, Macamrong Market, Pa Bong Market, one per person. History of using the service and is a merchant in some markets During this period, visitors are asked to use the services in various markets. Wear a mask at all times and wash your hands often. The cluster of foreign workers There are still many clusters. Most of them are touchers in the home and in the community.

The outbreak in the community Newly found at a wedding in Ban Pong Sayan Mae Chaem District – Ban Khun Mae Ruam Teacher Kalayaniwattana which is an adjacent area Attending the wedding of the Pgakenyau tribe having the same drink and found that people from Li District, Lamphun Province also attended the event. It is in the process of investigating the clear disease again.

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