“Chiang Mai” hosts football “Fifa Day” in September.

Today (27 July 2022) according to the Football Association of Thailand under royal patronage There is a plan to lead the Thai national team. to organize competitions in different provinces for the purpose of stimulating the economy tourism, society, pride in organizing activities that each province has organized

In the past, the association has opened the provinces that are interested. and is ready to host a football match International ‘A’ Match during the FIFA Day calendar can express their interest. in order to develop the potential of sports management and upgrading utilities facilities and promote sports tourism economic stimulus

The competition management department of the association Therefore, consider the provinces that are most ready for hosting football matches according to the FIFA Day calendar in September, which is Chiang Mai Province, which will use the Chiang Mai 700 Year Stadium as a field for organizing the competition.

In this regard, the association We would like to thank the province of Songkhla and Chiang Rai United for offering their participation in this selection. and sincerely hope that the association will have the opportunity to participate in and continue the competition later

For the football match FIFA Day in September will be held between 22 – 25 September 2022, with 4 nations participating in the competition. (The organizer of the competition will inform the list of participating nations later.)

The competition will be played in a knockout format. Semi-finals and finals In which each nation will compete in a total of 2 matches, with every match competing will be a level competition. International ‘A’ Match, which will take the result of the match into the calculation of the FIFA Ranking.


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