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Chiang Mai is thrilled with 378 new cases of COVID-19

Date 05 Jan 2022 time 20:00

CHIANG MAI – 378 new cases of coronavirus have been reported, the number is rapidly increasing. Most of them were infected in the province from the new cluster and the same cluster, while the first day of ATK testing from government agencies in 25 districts showed 29 positives.

On January 5, a COVID-19 patient was found. Today in Chiang Mai area has more than doubled. with 378 new cases found? The case shifted from yesterday (4 Jan) where 136 were found, most of them infected in the province. from both new and existing clusters that are still found infected Most of them are clusters of food and beverage outlets that have previously been declared a risky place. The disease investigation team mobilizes proactive screening to separate high-risk groups. low risk group disinfect the area and sent samples for strain testing In addition, there was a tendency for more omikron species.

In this regard, Chiang Mai province reiterates the announcement of strict compliance under the Covid Free Setting measures. All organizations must also undergo screening and WFH tests, including accelerating vaccination to enhance immunity to reduce the severity of the virus. The Provincial Communicable Disease Committee assesses the situation day by day. If infection is found to increase again, it must be prepared to reopen field hospitals.

On the other hand, Mr. Prachan Pratsakul, governor of Chiang Mai, revealed that according to the Chiang Mai Communicable Disease Committee has issued guidelines for government agencies and government agencies. raising the level of prevention and control of the epidemic of COVID-19 After the last New Year festival by having to test the infection with the Antigen Test Kit (ATK) for personnel in the agency and show the results before returning to work after the New Year’s festival 2 times, on the 4th and 10th of January 2022; Local administrative organizations take care of the collection and disposal of infectious waste in accordance with the guidelines set by the Department of Health as well.

On January 4, government agencies, both at the Chiang Mai Provincial Government Center, districts and local administrative organizations in Chiang Mai Province, all 25 districts conducted screening tests for COVID-19 with ATK testing kits, totaling 22,560 cases. 29 positive results and resubmission of RT – PCR, pending results. All 29 timeline investigations are now ready to be quarantined.

In addition, Chiang Mai province has also notified government agencies to consider working outside the premises (Work Form Home) as appropriate. without affecting public service, and urged entrepreneurs to strictly follow the Covid Free Setting measures in the establishments open during the New Year Festival To prevent the spread of disease? Now there are alarming signs of infection? It’s rising and this is because entertainment venues are the main risk area as before.




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