Chiang Mai Jensen for Covid-19, 2 more bodies found, one of them touched an infected person from a casino – rushed to invite people to walk in to vaccinate, choose their own formula

CHIANG MAI – Covid-19, Chiang Mai, 2 more deaths, both of them have congenital disease. One of them had been in contact with an infected person from a casino and had never been vaccinated. while the number of new infections per day continues to increase Invite people who have never been vaccinated to walk in at every vaccination center. You can choose the vaccine formula yourself.

This evening (29 Nov. 20) Chiang Mai Communicable Disease Committee reported the situation of COVID-19. Chiang Mai Province today that There are 177 new cases, six of them who came from the provinces, and the rest are those in the provinces. They come from both new clusters and existing clusters that still have 15 ongoing outbreaks, including new clusters. At the wedding ceremony at Ban Pa Daeng, Village No. 7, Kuet Chang Subdistrict, Mae Taeng District, 4 cases were infected by the wedding owner. Participants and their families, Darunathorn Foundation Cluster Thung Hotel Road Soi 3, Wat Ket Subdistrict, Mueang Chiang Mai District, 3 cases, new cluster Thip Ampha Dormitory, Suthep Subdistrict, Mueang Chiang Mai District, 3 cases, new cluster The money parade at San Pa Tung Temple San Pa Yang Sub-district, Mae Taeng District 2 cases, 1 Tesco Lotus cluster, Ban Tho branch and 1 new cluster from BL Harbor International.

in the part of the original cluster that is under disease control Still found 15 new cases, including 4 new market cluster, 2,071 total, Chang Klan Community Cluster, Nim See Seng Cluster, Fa Ham Branch, Central Airport Plaza Cluster, Ban Kong Pa Moo Cluster. 7 Bo Salee Subdistrict, Hot District, and Thanin Talat Cluster Found 1 additional case in the family group outbreak. Only nine new cases were found from five families, one to two per family in Muang district, Mae Rim district and Hot district, while 81 new infections were found from contact with the previous infected person, and the disease is under investigation. 57 more

As of today, Chiang Mai reported 2 more deaths, bringing the total to 123, with the first death being a 52-year-old Thai woman with congenital disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. infection from close people Received 1 dose of Sinofarm vaccination on 12 Oct. ’64, started to have symptoms of weakness, runny nose on 25 Oct. ’21. Later on 27 Oct. ’64, underwent RT-PCR test, it was found that leaven Then on November 28, 64, was admitted to Sanam Hospital and on November 1, 64, more tired. low blood oxygen had to be sent to Nakornping Hospital and died on 26 November 64 at 10.09 am due to respiratory failure.

The second death A 55-year-old Thai woman with congenital diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia. and chronic kidney disease Risk factors for exposure to gambling-related infections never been vaccinated On November 9, 1964, he had symptoms of fever, sore throat, and difficulty breathing. Later, on November 11, 64, RT-PCR was tested and it was found that he was infected. admitted to field hospital Then on November 17, 64, more tired. low blood oxygen had to be sent to Nakornping Hospital and died on 26 November 64 at 21.39 due to respiratory failure.

For those who have not been vaccinated in the week of vaccination against COVID-19 to the target of 100 million doses nationwide. Between November 27 and December 5, Chiang Mai has opened a special campaign to choose 3 vaccine formulas by itself, consisting of Formula 1, Pfizer + Pfizer, for people aged 12 years and over, only on November 29-30, only 2. For days only, Formula 2 AstraZeneca + Pfizer is for people 18 years old and over and Formula 3 is Sinovac + AstraZeneca for people 18 years old and older. Get the injection at every district level injection unit. and in the area of ​​Mueang Chiang Mai District at the Central Plaza injection unit Chiang Mai Airport, Chiang Mai Prasat Hospital, Suanprung Hospital and Maternal and Child Hospital As for the injection unit at Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital, the injection will be opened only on December 5 and 6 only. and the Central Festival injection unit, only on December 6th. For more information, please contact the Covid-19 Call Center, Chiang Mai Province. phone number 09-8102-3422, 09-8102-5783 and 09-8102-8632



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