Chiang Mai reports 68 new cases, announcing risky places Observe yourself for symptoms for 14 days.

Chiang Mai Province Announcing the risk location “The Wisdom Medical Clinic”, 3rd floor, Robinson Airport Plaza Those who have a history of using the service between December 21-26, must observe their symptoms for 14 days and undergo testing if there are abnormal symptoms.

Covid-19 epidemic situation Chiang Mai’s province today (December 29, 64) found 68 new cases of the virus, two of which came from the provinces, one from Bangkok and Khon Kaen, one in each province, while the rest were infected. in the province From new clusters and clusters that still have ongoing outbreaks, 5 cases out of 3 clusters, namely T. Home Housing 2002 Co., Ltd. cluster found 2 more, total of 5 cases, Jintara Wellness Center & Rehab cluster, 1 more found, total Total 3 cases and new cluster Department of Psychology Faculty of Humanities Chiang Mai University found 1 new case, total 2 cases

The original cluster was in the process of controlling the disease. 4 new cases found from Chiang Mai Gate market cluster and the cluster of The Rich Medical Gold Co., Ltd., 2 per cluster, while the infection in the family No more infected people have been found.

Chiang Mai province has announced one more risky place, namely The Wisdom Medical Clinic, 3rd floor, Robinson Airport Plaza. by allowing people with a history of traveling to use the service or contact with employees Between December 21-26, 2021, observe symptoms for 14 days from the last exposure day. If abnormal symptoms are found, get tested for COVID-19. at every hospital

For the information of all 3 victims today, the first one is a 63-year-old Thai man with a history of congenital disease, leukemia. Infection through family contact and had never been vaccinated before. On November 30, he had an anemia, so he went to get blood transfusion at Mae Taeng Hospital. ATK test was positive. December 1st, he was admitted to field hospital. December 7th, he was more tired. low blood oxygen Sent to Sansai Hospital for treatment. The doctor continued to provide supportive treatment. Until December 28, his respiratory system collapsed and he died.

The second case was a 74-year-old Thai man with a history of congenital disease, diabetes mellitus, and unclear risk factors for infection. Received 1 dose of AstraZeneca vaccination on December 4, had shortness of breath. RT-PCR test confirmed that the infection was treated at Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital on December 8, more tired. low blood oxygen Had to intubate on December 11th. Repeated bacterial infection. low platelets gastrointestinal bleeding The doctor continued to provide supportive treatment. Until December 27, respiratory failure and death.

The last case is a Thai woman, aged 80 years. Her history of congenital disease is coronary artery disease. and high blood fat Infection through family contact Received 1 dose of AstraZeneca vaccination on December 10. Proactively tested. because someone in the family has been infected and the result is found to be infected with covid-19 take care of Sansai Hospital on December 21, feeling more tired. Gastrointestinal bleeding December 28, respiratory failure and death.


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