Chiang Mai residents welcome “Nong Ja”, the gold medal hero of “SEA Games 2021”

On May 29, 2022, reporters reported that at the sports and recreation area Orchid Village San Sai Noi Subdistrict, San Sai District, Chiang Mai Province Mrs. Sriphen Charoenwongsakul San Sai District Clerk, along with Mr. Nabchai Boonchu, chairman of the San Sai Luang Subdistrict Municipality Council, Mrs. Phanthipha Imjai, Head of Kluay Mai Village No. 5, Mr. Chokchai Deawkanokrat Chairman of the Orchid Village Committee along with children, youth and villagers in the Orchid Village

Organized activities to congratulate Thai national team athletes, children of Ban Kluay Mai for Ms. Chavisa Intakul or “Sister Ja” that can win medals from sporting eventsGymnastics SEA Games No. 31 “SEA Games 2021” In Hanoi, Vietnam on May 22, 65, up to 3 medals, including 1 gold medal in individual female aerobic gymnastics

which “Sister Ja” Able to successfully win a 3rd gold medal for the Thai gymnastics team and also get another 1 bronze medal from the mixed doubles category.

In addition, in the mixed group category, the Thai aerobics team “Sister Ja” also helped the Thai national team to get a bronze medal In conclusion, the Thai gymnastics team won 3 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze, which made the country proud and Chiang Mai people who received gold medals this time.

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In the event, there was a group of youth holding a sign. and lead the march “Sister Ja” come to the event stage and talks about the success of Ready to open the picture of the competition “Sister Ja” for the participants to see before sharing flowers and gifts to cheer up for Jae who was a representative for the people in the village, the people of Chiang Mai and representing the country Successful and won the gold medal this time.

sideMs. Chavisa Intakul or “Sister Ja” revealed that he was happy because it was the first time to get a medal too And will develop skills to compete in the next competition I want you to have patience to practice and achieve your dreams.

For Ms. Chavisa Intakul or “Sister Ja” 24 years old, graduated with a bachelor’s degree Chiang Mai University Faculty of Humanities, Psychology, started kindergarten at Chiang Mai Kindergarten High school class at the Demonstration School Chiang Mai University. Father’s name is Mr. Phongphan Inthakul (deceased), mother’s name is Mrs. Chantima Inthakul. Nong Ja started learning gymnastics at the age of 5 years. At that time, she was in Kindergarten 2 and participated in the Cherrleading 2007 competition.

Then came to studyaerobic gymnasticsWith Teacher Tong, when studying in Grade 3, he has continued to participate in the competition. Starting from the 3-person team category, mixed doubles category and female individual category. In the past, he has always created works and won awards. The first award in 2012, Outstanding Female Aerobic Gymnastics Award, the 41st National Games, Chiang Mai Games Mixed Doubles Gold Medal Winner 2nd runner-up, bronze medal, 3-person team category

Year 2013 Gold Medal Winner Mixed Doubles National Youth Games 29th Maha Sarakham Games 2015 Gold Medal Winner Mixed Doubles National Games 2016 Gold Medal Winner female person type The 36th Gymnastics Championship of Thailand organized by the Gymnastics Association of Thailand

In 2017, he won the 5th runner-up award in the female individual category, the 45th National Sport of Songkhla Games, while the results of participating in international competitions in 2014 took the 6th place in the female individual category and the 4th place in the mixed doubles category in the 4th Aerobic program. Gymnastic Asian Championship 2014 in Korea and 2016, the 6th place in the 5-person team category in the Aerobic Gymnastics World Championship 2016 in Jinseon, Korea.

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