Chiang Mai reveals the number of COVID cases found in the red zone, Muang District, infected with the highest 1,185 cases

Chiang Mai reveals the number of COVID cases found in the red zone, Muang District, infected with the highest 1,185 cases

On April 19, the Provincial Public Health Office (Sor Chor), Chiang Mai, disclosed the report of the districts of the districts found (as of April 18, 2021) as follows: There are 7 red zones, namely Muang Chiang Mai District. Found 1,185 infected people in Sansai District 216 people, San Kamphaeng District 104 people, 100 Saraphi District, Hang Dong District 85 people, Mae Rim District 78 people, and Doi Saket District 60 people.

There are 7 districts in the orange zone, namely San Pa Tong District, 40 infected people, 27 in Mae Taeng District, 16 people in Fang District, 16 Doi Lo District, 14 Chiang Dao District, 14 Mae Ai District, and 13 Chom Thong District.

There are 10 districts in the yellow zone, namely Phrao District, 10 infected people, 9 people in Mae Wang district, 7 people in Wiang Haeng district, 7 people Mae On district, Chai Prakan district 5 people, Mae Chaem district 4 people, Hot 4 3 people in Doi Tao District, 3 of Omkoi District and 2 of Samoeng District

For the white zone, which is the area where no infected person is found, there is only one: Teacher Galyani Vadhana

There are still 13 infected persons under investigation.

District color zone in the area of ​​Chiang Mai The Chiang Mai Provincial Communicable Disease Committee resolved to divide the area into colored zones to divide the epidemic situation. And to limit the epidemic of coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19, in which Chiang Mai Province asks for cooperation to refrain from unnecessary travel To provide prevention and control of the epidemic of COVID-19 In Chiang Mai area Is efficient The color zone is divided into 4 zones: white is the area where no infection is found, yellow is the area where 1-10 infected people are found, orange is the area where 11-50 infected people are found and red is the area that is found. 51 or more infected people

As for the Chiang Mai University Information report of Sanam Chiang Mai Hospital 2 Female Hall 5 Chiang Mai University that as of April 19, 2021 at 8.00 am from the number of field beds Officially, there are 350 beds used, the number of 321 beds remaining is 29 beds. A total of 321 patients were admitted, 154 were male and 167 female, and 0 were returned home (14 days).


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