Chiapas: FGE arrests a man who used poison mixed in yogurt to kill 2 children

Investigations indicate that Edi Humberto “N” ordered Juan “N” to mix a poison with yogurt so that the minors, one year old and 13 years old respectively, could take it.

Mexico City, March 13 (However).- The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) de Chiapas unveiled the detention of one man what poisoned to two minors by mixing toxic substances in a yogurt, causing his death.

Juan “N”, alias “El Hierbero”, was arrested yesterday after the Chiapas Prosecutor’s Office requested an arrest warrant against him for his alleged responsibility in the crime of qualified homicide against two minors, one one year seven months and another 13 years old.

The arrest was made in the municipality of Amatán, Chiapas, and was later placed at the disposal of a Control Judge to proceed with his legal situation.

According to the investigations included in the investigation folder, “El Hierbero”, under the orders of Edi Humberto “N”, prepared a poison to mix it with a yogurt that was finally consumed by minors, dying shortly after.

The Chiapas FGE expressed its strong condemnation of any type of act that violates girls and adolescents, for which reason it reiterated that no conduct of this kind will go unpunished.


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