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Chiba Jets’s “Third Honesty” is a check, commander and Yuki Togashi’s common feeling that “it’s meaningless if you don’t win another one” –Basketball Count |

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One win that I got with feelings and hard work

Chiba Jets won the B-League Championship with Utsunomiya Brex, Final GAME 1 85-65, and won the championship.

Chiba reached the final stage for the second consecutive year, 2017-18 and 2018-19, but lost to Alvark Tokyo twice. Except for last season, which was canceled on the way, he will be competing in the final for three consecutive seasons, and he has a stronger desire to win than any other team.

Yuki Togashi also said, “I’ve lost in the finals for two seasons in a row, so I’ve been here for a year with the thought of this year. I want to win and win tomorrow.”

As Ryan Rossiter of Utsunomiya Brex and Yusuke Endo admitted that “Chiba was playing harder,” it can be said that this strength of thought was directly linked to the result.

The word “victory of feelings” certainly exists. In the case of basketball, which is a possession game, attachment to the ball is an important factor in determining the game. Utsunomiya was often seen as having a slight advantage in terms of rebound, but the inside team in Chiba was overwhelmed, as was overwhelmed by 24-6 at the second chance point. If there is such a difference, it will not be possible to explain just by the difference in height and power, and it will include elements of feelings.

Chiba Jets

“I have to put out everything I’ve been trying to do.”

Head coach Atsushi Ohno said, “The reason for the victory is that he continued to work hard for 40 minutes.” Such hard work requires more strength than skill. And the words that head coach Ohno gave to the players brought out the hard work.

“I told the players that I was going to do what I had done throughout the season and that my life as a player was short. In that, I told them everything I had sacrificed for a year to stand here and what I had done. I told you I have to put it out. “

Since it has become a two-race victory system from this season, if you win the second race tomorrow, your long-cherished wish will be achieved. However, that also means that one more win is needed at the same time, and head coach Ohno said, “If you don’t win one more, this one win has no meaning. Forget the joy of today and concentrate on tomorrow. Utsunomiya He will fight with tougher energy than today, so be prepared to surpass it, “he told the players.

Togashi has the same feelings as the commander. “Mr. Utsunomiya is being driven, so I think he will play hard. There is no point unless he wins another one, so I want to play my role with the plan I prepared.”

Whether or not today’s win can make sense depends on performance from tomorrow onwards.


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