Chicago shooting suspect dressed as a woman… because of police crackdown

Criminal prepares to escape in advance
Buying rifles legally
Articles depicting violent acts were also found

Suspect Robert Cremo, 21, dressed as a woman. / photo = ABC

It is known that the perpetrator who opened fire indiscriminately from a rooftop at a protester on the American Independence Day parade prepared meticulously in advance to escape.

Lake County Police, which is investigating the massacre on the 5th (local time), said the suspect, 21-year-old Robert Cremo, had carefully planned the crime several weeks in advance.

According to the police, at the time of the incident, Cremo climbed up an emergency escape ladder on the roof of a building near the parade site and fired more than 70 rounds at the crowd with an AR-15 rifle.

It is understood that he disguised himself as a woman to avoid police crackdowns at the time of the crime and afterward. Police failed to arrest him in the early stages of the crime, apparently because he left his gun at the scene and hid into the crowd while disguised as a woman.

The rifle he used at the time of the crime was found to have been legally purchased in the Chicago area. Another rifle he was carrying when he was arrested by the police was also found to have been purchased legally.

According to CNN and ABC, he bought five guns last year alone, including two rifles. Posts depicting or referring to violent acts, including shootings at people, were found on his social media accounts.

It also came to light that a member of his family reported (to the police) that Cremo said he would kill everyone in his house in 2019, confirming his father was an aspiring Democratic political party in the area who has advocated gun control.

It was investigated that Cremo lived with his uncle, not his parents. He went to his mother immediately after the crime, rented his car and fled, but was caught eight hours later.

There was no protest at the time of arrest. His motive for the crime is still unknown. It is reported that Crimo wrote a self-confidence stating that the crime was his own.

Meanwhile, there have been additional deaths in the massacre, bringing the total number of victims to 7 and injured 38.

Kim Hyun-deok, reporter at

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