‘Chicken and Beer’ at the World Cup

Mr. spent Kim (56), who lives in Samseong-dong, Seoul, precious time watching the World Cup game at home with his family. This was because the Korean team’s match was held at 10:00 pm, so I could leave work early and talk about football. Mr. Kim said, “The game against Uruguay was a draw and unfortunately the game against Ghana was interrupted, but I was able to have many deep conversations with my children while sweating in my hands. I plan to enjoy it with my evangelizing family,” he said.

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As Qatar World Cup fever heats up, the ‘chicken and beer’ football food formula worked again.

In particular, the chicken industry and convenience stores enjoyed the World Cup special on the day the Korean national team played against Uruguay (24th) and Ghana (28th). The increase in the number of ‘housekeepers’ who enjoy late night World Cup games at home also played a part.

According to the industry on the 29th, the largest chicken franchise in Korea, BBQ, saw a 220% increase in chicken sales compared to the end of October on the 28th, when the Ghana match was held, and a 190% increase from the previous Monday. Sales increased by 4% on the 28th compared to the 24th, when the match against Uruguay took place. Considering the fact that access to the delivery app was not smooth on the day of the match against Uruguay, it was effective to make preparations before the game against Ghana. Before the game against Ghana, BBQ has secured enough raw and supplementary materials by expanding its own app servers, organizing specialist personnel to manage servers in case of emergency, and adding operational personnel to each store to minimize customer inconvenience. A barbecue official said, “To support the Korean national team’s victory against Portugal this weekend, we plan to hold an event that gives a discount of 3,000 when purchasing a set menu from our app.”

Kyochon Chicken also saw its sales increase by 150% compared to the same period last week and 160% compared to the previous month on the 28th, when the Ghana exhibition was held. Sales on the 24th, when the Uruguay match took place, increased by 110% compared to the previous week and 140% compared to the previous month.

The convenience store gained wings with the World Cup soccer match. Total GS25 sales on the 28th, when the Korean team played against Ghana, increased by 13.3% compared to Monday (14th), two weeks before the Qatar World Cup. Specifically, beer sales increased by 183.3%, and chicken (120.4%), side dishes (111.2%), simple frozen meals (85.8%), and snacks (92.9%) sold like hotcakes. In the case of 10 GS25 stores near Gwanghwamun Plaza where street cheering was held, sales increased by 53.1%. On the 28th, when the Korean War took place, the busiest time was between 5 and 10 pm, just before the game started, accounting for 42.2% of total sales, up 7.9 percentage points (p) from the 14th previous A GS25 official said, “We plan to hold a 1+1 buffalo rib and fried chicken discount event on December 3, when the Portugal match is held, with the hope that the Korean team will advance to the round of 16 in the World Cup. .”

CU also saw beer and soju sales jump up to 3.3 times during the same period. Beer sold the most at 229.0%, followed by soju (131.9%), liquor (69.4%), and makgeolli (45.7%). Snack sales increased by 188.9% during the same period, and there was also an increase in sales of refrigerated ready meals (163.2%) and processed meats (116.6%). In particular, sales increased from 6:00 pm, the time to get off work, and an hour before the start of the game, sales increased by 95.5% compared to normal.

At Emart 24, sales of beer and light snacks increased 2.3 times and 2.4 times, respectively, during the same period. In the case of sales in the three stores near Gwanghwamun, sales of beer increased by 131%, and sales of wine (93%), container noodles (63%), and beverages (52%) also increased.

Meanwhile, the Korean national team was unfortunately defeated 2-3 against Ghana on the 28th. However, with the possibility of progressing to the round of 16 still dependent on the results of the match against Portugal, which kicks off at midnight on December 2, interest in the match against Portugal is hot . Therefore, it is expected that the consumption of chicken and beer by World Cup fans moving into the weekend will increase further.

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