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Chicken badge wrinkled!! Mexico, hot form, chasing France 4-1 Olympic football

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Mexico vs France 4-1 Mexico opened the head of the 2020 Olympics in a beautiful way after defeating France, another favorite team 4-1, bringing the “Jango” army to the top of the group successfully.

Football Olympics 2020

Mexico 4-1 France

The first round of the 2020 Olympic football games, Group A, on Thursday, July 22, 2021, will be a meeting between “Janco” Mexico on the field against “Chicken Seal” France.

first half start Both teams fought close to each other until the 19th minute, Mexico came to win first from the moment that Montes opened the ball from the right side to the front of the goal and was Luis Lomo who poured himself up to hit the ball and flew over the crossbar like unfortunate

In the 32nd minute, France came to win home from Teyi Savanier’s shot from far outside the box, but the ball fell out of the box again.

The first half ended with both teams still tied 0-0.

GOAL … Come back to kick the second half in 47 minutes, Mexico is up 1-0 quickly Diego Linez opened the ball for Alexis Vega to strike in the penalty area. Send the ball to the net

GOAL … In the 54th minute, Mexico led 2-0 when Carlos Rodriguez passed the ball to Sebastian Cordoba into the left side of the penalty area before focusing on the ball.

GOAL … In the 69th minute, France came to hit the egg, chasing it to 1-2 from the penalty spot, when Cesar Montes went to intercept Ronald Colo Muenei, fell down, the referee blew it immediately and was Pierre Gignac responsible for not killing. miss

At the end of the game, in the 80th minute, Mexico had a 3-1 lead from the moment Alexis Vega passed the ball to Uriel Antuna to press with the left. Pass the ball through the hands of Bernardon, the French outpost into the net.

GOAL … The game seemed to end with this score, but in the 90th minute, Mexico came in with a 4-1 goal from Eric Aguirre’s shot.

At the end of the match, Mexico defeated France 4-1, giving the “Jango” army to the top of the group successfully.

List of 11 starting players on the field

Mexico : Guillermo Ochoa (GK), Eric Aguirre, Johan Vasquez, Cesar Montes, Jorge Sanchez, Luis Lomo, Karl. Os Rodriguez, Alexis Vega, Diego Linez, Henry Martin

France : Paul Bernardoni (GK), Pierre Calulu, Clement Michelin, Modibo Sagna, Anthony Sazi, Lucas Tousart, Teyi Savani Yer, Enzo Le Fe, Arnaud Nordin, Andre Pierre Gignac, Florian Tovins


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