Chicken has a little advantage over a gun. Column has arrived. Diamond cat by diamond cat.

Spurs’ top-four contenders with Arsenal are nearing results, after the Hens thrashed Burnley 1-0 on penalties from Harry Kane, they looked to have an advantage over Arsenal. Nol a little

After the game in London, it is clear that “Golden Spikes Chicken” Tottenham Hotspur and “Cannonballs” Arsenal must win the final match of the season, which team will be “4th place” “

This is something that has been expected since the middle of the season. which turned out to be true in the end No matter what the result of Monday Night, Newcastle vs Arsenal will come out. Well, we’ll have to go see the last match.

The chickens defeated the Gunners 3-0 in the previous game, bringing the points closer to just one point, and when Antonio Conte’s men slashed Burnley 1-0, it was a two-point lead. Plus the door is better than the door at all.

If Arsenal beat Newcastle they would have an advantage. As their last home game is against Everton, while Spurs’ last game is against Norwich City.

Before the Newcastle vs Arsenal game, the pool shop is legal in the elite city, giving Spurs a slight advantage over Arsenal too. Sky Bet opens the price 2-3 that The chicken will be at 4 of the cannon. The number is 11-10.

Flipping over to really fish for the disadvantage of Spurs and Arsenal this season.

In which at first there were Manchester United, West Ham and Wolves involved as well. But in the end, only Spurs and Arsenal were left.

4th place and 5th place, this is a difference between the sky and the abyss. The 4th place plays the UEFA Champions League, the 5th place plays the Europa League.

The money received will vary greatly. At the level of billions of baht ever. Plus the dignity is different. Most importantly, number 5 will be heavily teased hahaha !

The game against Burnley on Sunday. Kicking the first match at 6 o’clock, we will see that it is a hard job for Spurs because Burnley escaped relegation.

Norwich City and Watford have already spoken to Mango Roots. As for the other team, we will see whether it will be Leeds United, Burnley or Everton.

At the end of this game, the situation of all 3 teams is 16.Everton 36 matches 36 points 17.Leeds 37 matches 35 points and 18.Burnley 36 matches 34 points

We can see that Everton and Burnley play less games, they have a midweek game on Thursday night.

by blue toffee The home game against Crystal Palace will be at 1:45 a.m., while Burnley will be away to Aston Villa at Villa Park at 02:00.

Everton v Crystal Palace game at Goodison Park, if Everton win it will guarantee 100 per cent that they will not be relegated.

Unfortunately instead of Toffees playing against Brentford, they led first. But in the end, losing 2-3 and still getting fired 2 people as well. Really beautiful.

As for Burnley, they have to have a point. One point is still good because they will have the same points as Leeds. The goals scored – lost Burnley is better than Leeds.

Back to the Spurs vs Burnley game, the Chicken’s winning goal was thanks to Ashley Barnes for extending his handball and penalties.

We saw professionalism because when Spurs got the penalty it was Harry Kane who scored, not Son Heung-min.

Son has scored 21 goals, just one seed behind Mo Salah, but only if he takes a penalty. It’s the same and will make Son have a chance to win more Golden Boot goalscorers, but when Conte has already determined that it has to be Kane, it must be like that.

The England forward has scored his 16th Premier League goal successfully. The kind known as Nick Pope really has no right to save.

Aunt Cat Du Kane has always scored penalties. I’m sure he’s one of the best penalty shooters in the world ever. He is the one who shoots at a very good angle and is very sure.

The final matches of the season are Norwich vs Spurs and Arsenal vs Everton.

The catfish thinks that the Golden Spikes can beat Norwich at Carrow Road, while the Arsenal counterpart, if Everton in the middle of the week doesn’t beat Palace at Goodison Park, this event is must go to death

if so true I can tell you that it will be “very fun” because one team escaped relegation. The other team needs 4th place.

We can see that the race for 4th place and the relegation have to win until the last match of the season.

Liverpool, too, if they don’t turn around and lose. Southampton at St Mary’s will also have to win against Manchester City until the final match as well.

This means that all areas of the English top-flight football league this season are all vying for the final match of the season.

“Diamond Cat”

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