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Wanbao Investment Gu Wang Rongxu said that the four major U.S. stock indexes have risen above all moving averages, Omicorn’s concerns are fading, and the Christmas market for U.S. stocks is expected to continue into January next year. Taiwan stocks, which are highly linked to US stocks, are also trending very strongly. In particular, electronics account for a high proportion of the broader market, and electronics are strong.

The counter-buying index has taken the lead in setting a swing high. Small and medium-sized electronics have risen first in the market. IC designs have small equity, concentrated chips, and lively stocks. Every time there is an electronic market, the market must be the fastest. IC design stock Wang Sili (6415-TW) is ready to challenge the 5,000 yuan mark at any time; after the stock, Xinhua (5274-TW) has set a new sky-high price of 3,530, and the IC design price comparison space has expanded.

MediaTek (2454-TW), the leading stock in IC design, had EPS of 14.69 yuan last year and grew to 26 yuan last year. It is estimated that it will reach 67 yuan this year. Annual performance growth has defeated the interference of the epidemic. Next year, 5G chips will increase in volume, and EPS will increase to 75 yuan. Now the stock price is 1,100 yuan, and the P/E ratio is only 15 times. Long space can be expected. Recently, the stock price has quietly approached the previous high of 1120 yuan, and as long as there is a breakthrough, there will be a new wave of market.

MediaTek owns AI chip technology and is the most standard meta universe concept stock. Its AsiaInfo (3169-TW) specializes in Ethernet control chips. This year’s performance growth is very strong. It has reached a new high in revenue for 7 consecutive months. It is estimated that this year’s revenue The annual growth rate is 90%. In the fourth quarter, a single-season EPS has the opportunity to challenge more than 2.5 yuan. Metaverse-related terminal devices are equipped with an Ethernet chip. In 2022, the Ethernet control chip may be even more lacking.

The meta universe market is not over yet. After mid-2010, the spiritual index of HTC (2498-TW), the stock price has doubled from 30 to 97 yuan. The price of the price has not recovered much in mid-to-late November. After the change of hands, there is a great chance of going on the second wave of the market, because the meta-universe concept stocks are still taking turns to express their stance.

Wanbao Investment Gu Wang Rongxu emphasized that rotation is the characteristic of bulls. For example, Opto Lei (2340-TW) focuses on the new generation of sensing components to take advantage of the business opportunities of Yuan Universe. After the stock price rises, it is also a high-profile order. Today is again The gap rose sharply and hit a band high. Because Opto Lei is ready to cut into the third generation of semiconductors after Nichia has fully entered the company. Since Nichia and Wolfspeed are the world’s leading manufacturers of third-generation silicon carbide technology for semiconductors, this allows OptoLei’s future imagination to expand from Meta Universe to third-generation semiconductors. It is estimated that OptoLei’s EPS will be 2 yuan and 2.5 yuan for today and next year, respectively. Yuan, next year’s P/E ratio will look 30 times.

Automotive diodes Pengcheng (8255-TW) and Qiangmao (2481-TW) have entered the third generation of semiconductors. The production capacity will also be opened next year, with strong performance growth. Pengcheng combined the resources of Sino-American Jing Group to develop silicon carbide MOSFETs. As electric vehicles will accelerate the application of silicon carbide modules, silicon carbide products will multiply in 2022. It is estimated that Pengcheng’s current and Ming EPS will be 5.7 yuan and 7~.75 yuan respectively. Yuan, the daily limit was 250.5 Yuan. Qiangmao’s EPS will not be far from Pengcheng this year and next year, and the share price is only less than one-half of the same rate, which is really wronged.

Wanbao Investment Gu Wang Rongxu pointed out that due to the short supply of 8-inch foundry, related IC products were converted to 6-inch fabs, resulting in limited capacity for diodes originally produced below 6-inches. The price of products has been gradually increased in 2021. It is estimated that the supply will remain tight in 2022. Qiangmao actively enters the third generation of semiconductors, which are used in electric vehicle charging stations and server power supplies. The products will be mass-produced and shipped in the second quarter of next year. The performance is significantly improved. Compared with the third-generation semiconductor stock Han Lei (3707- TW) and Jiajing (3016-TW) estimate that next year’s EPS will be 3 yuan and 2.5 yuan respectively, and the P/E ratio has reached 40-50 times. Qiangmao is one of the few domestic manufacturers that develop mass-produced silicon carbide products. The ratio is only about 15 times, which seems to be underestimated. The stock price has been sorted out for more than half a year, and it has also begun to express its opinions along with the third-generation semiconductor group. Limited space, there are more potential stocks analysis, welcome to join the Wang Rongxu fan group for free now, you can get more information sharing.

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