Chiko-chan’s brain activity from “Chico-chan scolds me!” “Chico-chan’s Brain Activity Lab” game will be released in July-GAME Watch

Crowds Play Company will release the title “Chico-chan’s Brain Activity Lab” for Nintendo Switch in July. The price is 5,280 yen for both the package version and the download version.

In this work, Chiko-chan, a popular character who appears in the variety show “Chico-chan scolds me!” A game that will help you. You can train different parts of your brain by playing “brain activity games” under the supervision of neuroscientist and professor Kikunori Shinohara of Tokyo’s Suwa University of Science.

There are 3 genres of brain activity games, “Attention”, “Analysis”, and “Inspiration”, and it is possible to train different parts of the brain. Of course, Chico-chan’s famous dialogue voice will also be recorded for the game.

Introducing the built-in game modes

brain activity test

The main method that can measure the brain. It can only be played once per day.

Recommended brain games

A mode where you can see your brain state and play recommended brain activity games.

The Chikotto trial

You can choose and play brain activity games that have been released.

brain activity together

2 to 4 people can play brain activity games.

Engawa of Chief Chico

You can check the released items and the play log.

Basic game progression

(1) Play the “Brain Activity Test” which can be played once a day. That’s how you know your brain age and brain condition.

(2) If you go to “Recommended brain activity games”, you can play brain activity games recommended by Professor Shinohara according to your brain condition.

(1) and (2) above are the basic flow he can play

involve brain activity

Brain activity events occur during play.

[Gêm gweithgaredd ymennydd]

Various brain related quizzes will be given by Professor Shinohara. Information about the brain can be obtained from any quiz, which is useful for brain activity.

[Ymestyn gweithgaredd yr ymennydd]

By actually moving your body, you can learn information about stretching that can stimulate your brain. Packed with insightful information that you can use your brain in your everyday life.

game volume

Number of brain activity games: 24 types in total

→ 3 genres of comment, analysis, and inspiration x 8 types each

Difficulty: 3 types (easy test, normal test, hyperstimulation test)

→ As the content of the questions changes for each difficulty level, the number of question volumes is 72 types, 24 types in total x 3 difficulty levels.

Estimated playing time

→ For an average player, if you play the brain activity test for about 10 minutes a day, it will be completely released in about 2 months.

Number of brain activity games that can be played at the beginning: 9 types in total

→ 3 genres of comment, analysis, and inspiration × 3 types each.

Released items: Points are earned by playing the game, and items are released when a certain amount of points are accumulated.

→ Release items are brain activity games, Chico-chan headwear, and player badges.


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