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‘Child Abandoned and Aborted After Pregnancy’ Actor Go Se-won’s Private Life Revealed

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[이데일리 정시내 기자] Actor Go Se-won is embroiled in controversy over his personal life.

On the 26th, an online community posted, ‘Actor K. It’s a high school. An exposing article was posted with the title of ‘I am attaching KakaoTalk. In February of this year, he captured and released a medical confirmation that he had a miscarriage and a Kakao Talk conversation he had with Go Se-won.

Go Se-won. Photo = Edaily DB

Writer A said, “I was abandoned after I got pregnant by Mr. K, who is called ‘The Crown Prince of Housewives’, and I had a miscarriage. We dated in 2020. I am just an ordinary woman. He said he was suing me for threatening me for sending a text message asking to confirm that Mr. K had deleted my nude picture, and then blocked it.”

When it was pointed out that A was a one-sided claim, K revealed his real name as Ko Se-won.

He said, “Mr. K divorced in 2017.” “I am not an incestuous woman. Checked and met Go’s mother also said that it was true that her son was divorced. We met each other on the way home, and if I were an incestuous woman, I would be punished.”

He said, “From the beginning, I said that I used contraception until my brother announced the divorce in the media.” No matter what happens, I will take responsibility until the end, so don’t worry and just trust me. I believed that and did not use contraception.”

He also claimed, “When I contacted Ko, who said goodbye to her through a text message, after a few months, she said to me, ‘Why are you getting pregnant so well?’

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Text messages and KakaoTalk messages released by actor Go Se-won’s private life revealer. photo = Natepan

Finally, he said, “I said that if Koh posted a message on the Internet, he would sue me immediately, so if a complaint comes in, the police will be investigated.”

Regarding the post, Go Se-won’s agency, Hunus Entertainment, said, “We are currently checking the facts.”

Meanwhile, Go Se-won was born in 1977 and is 45 years old this year. In 1997, she debuted as a talent in KBS 19th, and appeared in ‘Cinderella’s older sister’, ‘The Three Suspicious Brothers’, ‘The Return of Bokdanji’, ‘A Dangerous Promise’, and tvN’s ‘Rude Young Ae’.


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