Child actor Park Seong-hoon, who laughed at Jeong Ji-so in ‘The Glory’, appears to be his first film

Actor Song Byeong-geun appeared in ‘The Glory’ and made a strong impression in his first film.
Song Byeong-geun announced his debut by playing the role of the young Jeon Jae-joon (Park Sung-hoon) in the Netflix series ‘The Glory’, which was released on the 30th of last month.

‘The Glory’ is a work that depicts the story of a woman whose soul was shattered by violence in her childhood and the desperate revenge she prepared very carefully for her whole life and those who fall into the vortex .

Song Byeong-geun played childhood Jae-joon, who lives as ‘A’ at every moment in the drama. He is a character who makes the school days of young Dong-eun (played by Jeong Ji-so) hell.

Watching Dong-eun’s misdeeds, he constantly laughs at them or ignores them with a cynical gaze, but when his physical flaws are discovered, he bursts into uncontrollable anger, leaving a strong impression with acting emotionally dramatic.

Song Byeong-geun finished filming ‘The Glory’ and said, “It was a dream-like moment of glory just being able to be with the writers, directors, and seniors that I usually respect.” Then he greeted, “There are many things I regret, but I learned a lot, and I would appreciate it if you could look at it pretty.”

Song Byeong-geun raises expectations by predicting active activities in his next film while holding a premiere ceremony with ‘The Glory’, which became a hot topic by landing at No.

iMBC Hoyoung Lee | Image source: Fan Stars Company

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