child of matrimonial dispute Dubai Advocate General

Dubai Advocate General and Emirates Head of Family and Youth Prosecution, Mohammad Ali Rustom Rangat, has warned against divorcing parents using their children to give false information in court to harm their spouse. She made it clear that parents could be jailed or fined if they forced their children to lie to prosecutors. (marital dispute child as a tool of Dubai Advocate General).

The Dubai Advocate General and Emirates Head of Family and Youth Prosecution have come out with a warning after noticing that in many cases parents use children to make accusations against their spouses. Rustam said that using a child as a weapon in a marital dispute is wrong and causes a lot of harm to the child. According to Article 324, anyone who reports falsehood will be fined and imprisoned for a period not exceeding six months, he said.

Meanwhile, the Judiciary Department of Abu Dhabi has also stated that strict action will be taken against those who fail to take care of children in the UAE. The department also called for children to be kept away from online games that incite crime and violence.

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