Childcare Teacher Assaulted with Feces-Stained Diaper: Calls to Protect Daycare Teachers from Parent Abuse

Daycare Teacher Files Complaint After Parent Assaults Him with Feces-Stained Diaper

By Hwang Jin-hwan, Reporter

SEJONG CITY – A shocking incident unfolded at a daycare center in Sejong City, as a teacher endured an assault by a parent wielding a diaper contaminated with feces. The caregiver promptly reported the incident to the Sejong South Police Station, sparking a thorough investigation into the matter.

The victim, identified as Mr. A, had approached the parent, B, to extend an apology regarding an unfortunate incident involving their child at the daycare center, who had sustained an injury. However, instead of a civilized discussion, Mr. A was met with outright violence and degradation.

Allegedly, the parent not only physically attacked Mr. A but also removed a soiled diaper from a paper bag and threw it directly at his face. The disgraced teacher suffered this humiliation on the same day that parent B was seeking medical treatment at a local hospital for their child’s injury.

In response to this distressing incident, the husband of the assaulted teacher launched a public consent petition titled ‘Protect Daycare Teachers from Unfair Abuse of Power.’ The petition, which calls for the establishment of an organization dedicated to safeguarding the rights of daycare educators, gained significant traction.

Detailing the assault in the petition, Ms. A’s husband stressed the urgent need for protective measures, stating, “While we can hold accountable those teachers who exhibit misconduct, how can we address the challenges posed by problematic parents?” He implored authorities to “institutionalize a defense mechanism to ensure daycare teachers can defend themselves as well.”

Reporter Hwang Jin-hwan
In Daejeon, an elementary school teacher took the extreme step because parents were abusing power, and this time, in Sejong, a childcare teacher received a complaint from a parent who was attacked with a feces-stained diaper, and launched the police investigation.

According to Sejong district daycare officials, Mr. A, a teacher at a daycare center in Sejong City, filed a complaint with the Sejong South Police Station on the 10th, alleging that B’s parent assaulted him by removing a diaper stained by his young child’s feces. from a paper bag and threw it at his face.

Teacher A was said to have suffered this incident on this day while trying to apologize to parent B, who was in hospital for treatment regarding a child’s injury that occurred at a day care centre.

Content posted by the husband of a teacher who was attacked in a petition for public consent. Screenshot of the National Consent Petition website

In relation to this incident, the husband of Ms. And a public consent petition on the 12th called ‘Protect daycare teachers from unfair abuse of power’ and asked for an organization to protect the human rights of daycare teachers.

After explaining the assault situation in the petition, Ms A’s husband said, “We can punish bad teachers, but what do we do with teachers who can’t avoid bad parents?” and urged, “Please institutionalize a shield so that day care teachers can also protect themselves.”.

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