Children for Thais are worried about the 300 baht cost of stepping on the land, making travel even worse.

Children for Thais are worried about the 300 baht cost of stepping on the land, making travel even worse.

Date 15 Jan 2022 time 08:25

“Phuea Thai” is worried about “the cost of stepping on the land” 300 baht, making tourism even worse, ticking “Prayut” to help the tourism business Before the rising interest rate will aggravate the bankruptcy, recommend canceling this collection. Accelerating to add more tourists will be more worthwhile.

On January 15, 65, Mr. Chakphon Tangsutthitham, Deputy Secretary-General and the Pheu Thai Party Working Group, said that the Thai economy’s recovery within this year is still highly uncertain. but probably less than 4%, but how much will the Thai economy expand? Partly depends on when it can open to tourists. and how many tourists will come in But the government has announced on April 1, 2022, Thailand will start collecting 300 baht per person from foreign tourists who enter Thailand, or call it a fee. The “land step fee” is a tourism fee collected by foreign tourists upon entering the country. by bringing the money to step on the land Go to the National Tourism Promotion Fund Which is expected to receive money collected into the fund in the amount of 1.5 billion baht, including sharing part of the land cost as insurance for tourists as well

The collection of such fees This caused great concern for Thai tourism operators. Because it will increase the expenses for tourists unnecessarily. It may affect the feelings and create a psychological effect on foreign tourists. and may cause foreign tourists to turn to other countries instead Is it like adding a burden and possibly pushing friends to enemies? Because during this time Thailand should have to market to attract more tourists, right or not? rather than to think of increasing the burden on tourists

At present, the cost and expenses of tourism in Thailand tend to be higher according to inflation, such as food prices, cooking gas prices, gasoline prices and travel expenses, etc., causing the expenditure of tourists to increase. This may cause the number of tourists to decline already due to higher expenses and the recovery of tourism after the coronavirus crisis.

In addition, from the inflation of the world Especially in the US, where inflation in December rose to 7%, which forced the Federal Reserve to accelerate interest rates in March. The US may raise interest rates four times this year. This will cause Thailand to raise interest rates according to the United States. Which will increase the burden for Thai entrepreneurs who have to bear the burden continuously for more than 2 years will have to bear the burden even heavier than before. and may not be able to bear the burden This is because the burden of lockdown and disease. The “stealing” that the government has opened and closed the country for more than two years, which makes entrepreneurs have to bear heavy debt and expenses that they have to bear, but almost no income comes in. Therefore, Gen. Prayut must think in advance how to help tourism entrepreneurs in order to survive and continue doing business in the future.

The global inflation rate is increasing due to the fact that the Thai economy is a small and open economy. This will inevitably cause a higher price level in a foreign country to immediately affect the price level in Thailand. Especially in this crisis of covid, the production chain is not able to keep up with the rising demand for expenditure, leading to more inflation problems in the end. Inflation is a big problem for the global economy, with the US Federal Reserve being aware of this and taking measures to reduce liquidity injections sooner rather than later. to lead to a rate hike within the beginning of this year All this will result in an increase in the cost of tourism in Thailand. Thai entrepreneurs will face both inflation that will increase costs and also have to pay higher interest rates. It is a burden that will increase at the same time.

Therefore, the concept of keeping “The cost of stepping on the land” seems to be the concept of people who can’t earn money and can’t run the country. because at present there are almost no tourists coming in but still thinking of keeping a small amount Instead of thinking about how to build the Thai economy to grow sustainably to attract foreign tourists to come back to travel spend including domestic investment or long-term economic development But the state came back to think of earning money with the collection. This cost should be included in the cost of Covid-19 insurance that must be paid before entering Thailand of up to 50,000 US dollars.

In this regard, it can be seen that General Prayut was not at all thoughtful and acted as if he had tripped over his own legs many times. causing many repeated wounds to worsen the Thai economy all along until it is difficult for Thailand to develop and move forward The government should rethink and repeal such measures and must learn to think about it. This should build confidence rather than destroying the confidence and deteriorating the lives and happiness of Thai people in this way.



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