“Children’s friend” Yang Dong-geun, affectionate date with his beautiful wife[★SNS]


[스포츠서울|조현정기자]Park Ga-ram (34), wife of actor and rapper Yang Dong-geun (42), attracts attention with her beauty equal to that of a celebrity.

On the 29th, Park Ga-ram posted a selfie taken with Yang Dong-geun on his Instagram with the words “#CoupleStagram #Children’s Friends”.

The published photo shows the two of them posing while having an outdoor date. Park, with long hair and a glamorous body, is holding Yang Dong-geun’s neck with her arms, and Yang Dong-geun, with an indifferent expression, wrapped around Park’s waist, reminiscent of a sweet lover.

On the other hand, Yang Dong-geun and Park Ga-ram married in January 2013 after four years of dating, and they have two sons and one daughter. They met while filming a music video for military education. Yang Dong-geun previously starred in the MBC drama ‘365: A Year Against Destiny’ last year.

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photo| Park Garam’s Instagram



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