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» one more share IPO who came in and left from day one And investors have forgotten that this stock was on the board. Without PR, investors who put money into stocks are wasted. Children think TEKA stocks may need to create a better image. because the company is good in construction good in tall buildings It is considered to have a very good performance and it is very interesting, with a backlog in hand that has grown to almost 3 billion baht and this price is reach an attractive point.

ARRIVAL not ugly because of the money received from fundraising In addition, the cost of energy is lower. Building material prices are lower, so in Q4 onwards, profit margins will accelerate. In addition, there is a lot of new work such as the construction of a 38-storey condo, the Energy Complex Building, PTTEP. If the year 2013 makes a profit of 100 million baht, eps will be as high as 0.34 baht. If you try to calculate PE just 15 times, you will get a value up to 5 baht. It has upside as high as 51% The stock price is very low right now, it is quite cheap.

The graph recovers to an upward trend.

The TEKA chart has rolled up from the bottom and crossed the downward trend line, while the MACD has risen, signaling a medium-term technical rally. With short resistance at 3.70 baht, if passed, it will recover to full trend.

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