Chili and salt EP.10 “Jed” is still stubborn. “Ding” warns you to be careful of people like “Thewan”

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27 Nov 2021 21:30

Chili and salt EP.10 Patty (Supaporn Malisorn) followDing (Dan Suriyajak) Come to the mall at the same time asDewan (Andrew Kornsek) come to the mall withJeed (Sonia Singha) Just then, Dewan saw Ding with Patty and told Jeed that Patty was actually Ding’s ex-lover.

After that, Gee cameJaidee (Nipaporn Thitithanakarn) at home to vent Kindness couldn’t bear to say that the person who tried to harm the Jeed family was the deva. But Geed didn’t believe it.

On the day of the annual general meeting of automobile dealers Jeed meets Ding again. Ding tried to warn Jeed about Thevan, but Jeed still didn’t listen. Ding and then said that Jeed was going to meet with Devan so that he would know. making Jeed even more angry

What will the story be next? can follow in the drama “Chili and Salt” Episode 10 is available on Sunday, November 28, and you can watch the fun every night, Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 8:30 p.m. on Channel 7HD, press 35 and Facebook LIVE: Ch7HD, or watch backwards on BUGABOO.TV.

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