“Chin Chinnawut” organizes a large dormitory to celebrate the 8th anniversary of “Lily’s love”

It’s another sweet couple. “Chin Chinnawut Intarakusin” with “Lili Pantila Pansirithanachot” At the latest, holding hands and loving each other for 8 years, this time celebrating an anniversary with the launch of a big house, which is expected to be a bedroom for both of them. Young Shin posted a message saying

“Happy 8th Birthday baby @lilyypantila!!! I always think it’s more coz we’ve been through so much together and to be honest I stopped counting because you can’t count forever! I have to be honest I was scared about this house because it’s a BIG responsibility but when you held my hand and said “we can do this together” I wasn’t scared anymore. Thank you for holding my hand through thick and thin. We will hold on to each other forever. Love you baby!”

(Happy 8th birthday baby, I always thought it was more than that. because we’ve been through a lot together And let’s be honest, I’ve stopped counting. because I can’t count what is forever Let me be frank that I am very afraid to buy this house because it is a huge responsibility. But when you hold my hand and say ‘We will help each other. ‘ I’m not afraid anymore. Thank you for holding my hand through the good and the bad. We’ll hold hands like this forever. I love you baby)

on the side Lily also posted a picture of the new home with a sweet message too

“Happy 8th birthday baby! @chinchinawut This might be the greatest birthday present you’ve given me. Thank you for making it happen and thank you for everything you have done for me na ka trak. You have been the source of my happiness for the past 8 years and I believe you will continue to do so. So many memories, so much laughter and so much love. You are my comfort zone, my safe place and my happiness. 最合的可以事新是英seal the deal! Welcome to our first house”

(Happy 8th Birthday dear! This is the greatest birthday gift you can give. Thank you for making it happen Thank you for everything you have done my dear. You have been a source of happiness since 8 years and believe it will continue to be. lots of memories Lots of laughs together and lots of love You are like a space of comfort. a safe area and be my happiness Let’s grow together to another level.Dargen closed! Welcome to our first home)

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