Chin Chokchai Bulakul, owner of ‘Chokchai Farm’, died peacefully at the age of 85.

Chin Chokchai Bulakul, owner of ‘Chokchai Farm’, died peacefully at the age of 85.

On September 30, reporters reported that Mr. Chokchai Bulakul, owner of Chokchai Farm Mr. Chok Bulakul’s father died peacefully at the age of 85 at 12:10 pm on September 29. amid family sorrow

Chokchai Bulkul is Nai Ma’s son and Mrs. Boonkhrong Bulkul (whose names originated from MBK Shopping Center) as the seventh child born in 1937. He graduated in livestock farming from Cornell University, USA, is a famous Thai businessman for developing livestock and real estate.

He started working in the year 1957 by doing construction business with various works like Takhli Airport, Nakhon Sawan Province and many airports in many provinces. Along with pioneering the land at the foot of Khao Yai, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, which at the time was still a dense evergreen forest. His name was Dong Phaya Fai. and full of forests, wild animals, and plenty of thieves The pioneering activity was Farm Chokchai, which is a famous dairy farm today. In 1968, Chokchai Ranch Company Limited was registered.

Family life Married to Mrs Sucharit Bulakul, he has two sons, Mr Chok Bulakul, Chairman of the Sirindhorn Anthropology Center Executive Committee and Mr Chai Bulakul, and a daughter, the middle one, Orn Bulakul. for the two sons to take care of them.

Chokchai once told the program that Chok Jai born during the world war made life difficult not a toy Or things like other siblings, so I thought I would be able to find toys for them one day . Thus, it was born as the origin of the Chokchai Museum. As a child, I liked watching cowboy movies very much. So I dreamed that one day I would be a cowboy.

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