China announces new guidelines for mitigating corona quarantine. Infected people are quarantined at home

Today (7th) China announced 10 new guidelines for easing new coronavirus prevention measures.

In this guidance, reported by state-run CCTV, China’s State Council announced that it would allow asymptomatic or mildly infected people to be quarantined at home, and that the most of the QR code authentication, which was mandatory for access for most of the public. places, are deleted.

In addition, the majority of places except nursing homes and medical institutions have been allowed to enter without verification as a result of a negative corona test result.

The new guidelines urged administrative authorities to “ensure the normal functioning of society and basic medical services”, saying they should not restrict the movement of residents or close businesses in areas not designated as high-risk areas.

In this regard, the National Health Commission emphasized in an announcement on the same day that high risk areas should be accurately defined by building, unit, floor number, and home, and should not be arbitrarily expanded to the entire residential complex.

The Chinese government’s announcement on this day came amid recent protests against the high-intensity corona quarantine policy.

Meanwhile, China’s National Health Commission did not mention the official end of the ‘zero corona’ policy on this day.

VOA News

* This article was sourced from Reuters.

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