China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission: Commercial banks and cooperative institutions jointly contribute funds to issue loans, the proportion of capital contribution of partners shall not be less than 30%

Original title: China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission: Commercial Banks and Cooperative Institutions Co-funding Loans and Cooperating Party’s Capital Contribution Ratio shall not be less than 30%

Recently, in order to promote the effective implementation of “businessbankthe InternetloanmanagementInterim Measures (hereinafter referred to as the “Measures”) to further regulate Internet loan businessbehaviorIn order to promote the healthy development of business and effectively prevent financial risks, the General Office of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued thebank“Notice on Internet Loan Business” (hereinafter referred to as “Notice”).

In response to the actual problems encountered during the implementation of the “Measures”, the “Notice”Authorization, Refined from the following aspectsPrudential supervisionRequirements: First, implement risk control and require commercialbankStrengthen the main responsibility of risk control, independently carry out Internet loan risk management, independently complete risk control links that have an important impact on loan risk assessment and risk control, and strictly prohibit key linksOutsourcing.Two is to clarify three itemsQuantitative index, Including the capital contribution ratio, namelycommercial BankCo-financing loans with partner institutions,Single loanThe capital contribution ratio of the Chinese partner shall not be less than 30%; the concentration index, that is, the balance of the bank’s loan issued by the commercial bank and a single partner shall not exceed 25% of the net tier 1 capital; the limit index, that is, the commercial bank and all cooperative institutions The balance of the Internet loan issued by joint funding shall not exceed 50% of the total loan balance.The third is to strictly control cross-regionalOperating, Clear placeCorporate bankIt is not allowed to conduct Internet loan business across jurisdictions of registration.In addition, further clarifyTrustthe companyRefer to the provisions of the “Measures” and “Notice”.

The “Notice” thoroughly implemented the central government’s regulation of financial technology andPlatform economyThe relevant requirements for development and the basic premise that financial innovation must be carried out under prudential supervision fully reflect the need to strengthen supervision in accordance with the law and effectively prevent financial risks, while maintaining the long tail.clientAnd XiaoweienterprisefinancialserviceThe principle of continuity. At the same time, in order to ensure orderly rectification and smooth transition, the “Notice” fully considered the actual situation and set a reasonable transition period.

In the next step, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission will continue to supervise and guide banking financial institutions in accordance with the requirements of the Measures and the Notice to continuously improveManagementAnd risk control level, prudently and compliantly carry out Internet loan business, and better serveReal economy, Serve the lives of the people.

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