China beats Philippines 6-0 in U20 Women’s Asian Cup qualifiers – Xinhua

China U20 Women’s Asian Cup qualifier beat Philippines 6-0 in the first matchFlying into the homes of ordinary people

On March 8th, Beijing time, competition came to an end in the first round of the Asian Under-20 Women’s Football Cup qualifiers. The Chinese Under-20 Women’s Football Team beat the Philippines Under-20 Women’s Football Team 6-0. In the first half, Huo Yuexin scored two goals and Zou Mengyao scored a goal; in the second half, Lu Jiayu and Ouyang Yuhuan scored two goals in five minutes, and Qiao Ruiqi scored a goal to seal the victory.

In the 9th minute, Yin Lihong scored the ball cleverly, and Huo Yuexin broke into the penalty area from the left and scored from a small angle in the far corner! Team China leads 1-0!

In the 22nd minute, the Chinese team managed to make a pass from the left. The Philippine defensive player made a mistake in front of the goal, pushed Zou Mengyao and scored! Chinese team leads 2-0!

In the 35th minute, Ouyang Yuhuan broke alone into the penalty area and sent a cross, Huo Yuexin pushed the empty goal and scored his second goal of the game! Team China leads 3-0!

In the 69th minute, Wang Aifang sent a long pass after stealing from midfield, Lu Jiayu stepped up to face the attacking goalkeeper, and volleyed with his left foot to score! Chinese team leads 4-0!

In the 74th minute, Ouyang Yuhuan received a lovely pass from his team-mate from the right in the penalty area, and calmly pushed a shot from the near corner to score the goal! Team China leads 5-0!

In the 81st minute, the Filipino player tackled Li Tingying in the penalty area, the referee awarded a penalty kick, and Qiao Ruiqi made a penalty kick! The Chinese team sealed the victory 6-0!

In the end, the China U20 women’s soccer team beat the Philippine U20 women’s soccer team 6-0 and got off to a good start! At 17:00 on March 10th, Beijing time, the Chinese team will play against the Hong Kong Chinese team.

Editor: Wei Jiawei