China breaks record for longest test time for 100t rocket engine-Xinhua

Final assembly test workshop of Tianjin Rocket Company, one of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group (CASC), on April 19. (Photo/Xinhua News)

[신화망 베이징 6월6일] China has completed its sixth test of a large rocket engine for future manned lunar missions.

According to the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group (CASC), a 130-ton rocket engine using liquid oxygen as an oxidizing agent recorded a cumulative test run time of 3,300 seconds in this test, breaking the record for the longest test run time among an engine single 100 ton in China. This is reported to have broken the previous record by less than six months.

As the engine is used as the main engine for China’s future manned lunar exploration mission, it requires a high level of comprehensive performance and reliability.

CASC said it was able to ensure the reliability of the engine as the test run time of the rocket engine was more than 10 times the work time required for the mission.

Source of original text: Xinhua News Agency Korean News Service


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