China cancels appointment with Finance Minister Christian Lindner

Finance Minister Lindner was actually supposed to travel to his Chinese counterpart this week. But the meeting will not come for the time being.

Finance Minister Christian Lindner has to cancel his trip to Beijing planned for this week. The Chinese Ministry of Finance asked at the weekend to postpone the talks between the two ministers planned for May 10 due to scheduling reasons, the Federal Ministry of Finance said on Monday.

The visit was originally intended to prepare for the German-Chinese government consultations and a high-level financial dialogue.

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On Wednesday, Lindner still wants to fly to Japan as planned for talks with the G7 finance ministers. According to the Ministry of Finance, the Chinese side had offered an alternative date for the return journey from Japan. However, such a short-term postponement was not possible for Lindner.

The meeting is said to be rescheduled at a later date. “It is speculation whether the rejection has anything to do with the FDP’s position that Germany must appear self-confident towards Beijing,” the ministry said. In any case, the position will not change as a result of the postponement.


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