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China cancels policy to limit the use of two children in hopes of solving the problem of low birthrate – bbc news Thailand

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Chinese authorities have announced that it will allow couples to have up to three children in hopes of boosting the population. After the census results indicate that China has a plummeting rate.

The plan was approved by President Xi Jinping during a meeting of members of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee. Or Politburo This is a major shift in China’s social and economic policy. Which is the most populous country in the world, is 1.4 billion people.

China had previously lifted a stricter one-child policy in 2016 and replaced it with a two-child policy, but that did not help sustain a sustained increase in birth rates. One of the factors that prevent Chinese people from wanting to have more children is the rising cost of raising children.

The Chinese official Xinhua news agency reported. The three-child support policy will come with measures to help improve China’s population structure. Helping to promote a national strategy for dealing with the aging population. As well as maintain the quality and efficiency of human resources

What do the Chinese people think about this policy?

Mr. Hao Zhou, senior economist at Commerce Bank (Commerzbank) told Reuters that “If the childbearing relief works, the current two-child policy should show that it has worked.”

“But who would want to have 3 children? A young couple can have only 2 children at most, because the main problem is the very high cost of living. And a lot of different pressures “

While Zhu Wei Zhang, chief economist at Pinpoint Asset Management, an investment data research firm, said the immediate impact of the policy promotes Having these 3 children, “should have a positive effect. But only a little. “

He pointed out, “The long-term outcome depends on whether the government can reduce the cost of raising children. Especially for education and accommodation expenses “

In social media Some Chinese people do not seem to be very excited about the new policy.

One Weibo user commented, “[เราสามารถ] I can have 3 children, but the problem is I don’t want to have one child. “

“You know, most young people find it really hard to take care of themselves,” she said.

A Beijing resident told the BBC prior to the announcement of the policy: She wants to live her life without “worrying” about raising children.

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Chinese people in the era of one child policy Want to have more children?

Plummeting birth rate

The census results released in early May show that China had around 12 million new babies last year. That fell from 18 million in 2016 and is the lowest birth rate since records were recorded in the 1960s.

Even in 2016, the Chinese government will lift the one-child policy. And it allows people to have two children, but it does not solve the problem with a sustainable low birth rate. Although there was an increase in the birth rate two years after that.

Ms. Yue Su, an economist from The Economist Intelligence Unit, said, “While the two-child policy will have a positive effect on the birth rate, the two-child policy will have a positive impact on the birth rate. But it’s only for a short time. “

In addition, the one-child policy poses the gender imbalance of the population. Most Chinese families choose to have a son over a daughter. As a result, China now has a more male population than women.

These problems led experts to speculate that China may completely lift the number of child restrictions in the future. Although the authorities seem to proceed with caution.

Other experts fear that allowing the Chinese to have children free can cause problems for rural people to have many children, leading to poverty and employment problems in the rural areas.

However, many people warn that China’s demographic problems, such as declining birth rates, will affect other countries in the world because China has a large economy and many industries in the world rely on China for business operations.

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