China Communications Standardization Association: From following to running, my country’s database industry has developed rapidly – China Daily

As the core technical tool for storing and processing data, the database, together with the chip and the operating system, is called the three major pieces of modern information technology. Recently, at the “2022 Trusted Database Summit”, Dai Xiaohui, vice chairman and secretary general of the China Communications Standards Association, pointed out that my country’s database industry has developed rapidly and has completed the transition from following to parallel.

Dai Xiaohui pointed out that for a long time, due to the historical existence of my country’s database industry, the international competitiveness has been slightly insufficient. In recent years, the rapid development of the digital economy has forced changes in database application technology on the one hand, and on the other hand, my country’s competent authorities have successively issued databases. my country’s database industry has entered a period of rapid development, the scale of the industry has continued to expand, the number of industrial entities has increased rapidly, and application cases have continued to land, completing the transition from following to parallel.

She also said that the “14th Five-Year Plan” is a critical period for the development of my country’s digital economy and the cultivation of the digital factor market. As the core component supporting data storage and calculation, the database will play a very important supporting role. In the future, my country’s database industry will develop into a period of high-quality efficiency improvement. Mainly should do the following three aspects of work.

The first is to speed up the formulation of a key technical standard system in the field of research databases. For key database modules such as data computing, data storage, and data management, as well as various innovative database technologies, improve the level of standard formulation, research and formulate safe, reliable and internationally advanced general technical standards, give full play to the leading role of standards, and promote technical products. The research and development of my country’s database technology industry will help the high-quality development of China’s database technology industry.

The second is to steadily promote the implementation and application of standards. Strengthen cross-industry, cross-field, and cross-enterprise exchanges and cooperation with finance, government affairs, energy, etc., strengthen the publicity and implementation of standards, promote the application of standards in various industries and scenarios, and give full play to the role of various databases in empowering enterprises , to promote the transformation of enterprise digital intelligence.

The third is to deeply participate in international cooperation, actively participate in the research activities of ISO, ITU, IEC, and 3GPP and other international standardization organizations, and promote my country’s database standards to the world. Based on international experience, lay out common technical standards to form a new pattern of mutual promotion at home and abroad, and deeply help Chinese database products to go global.

It is understood that the “Global Database Industry Map (2022)” was also released at the meeting, covering database product providers, database peripheral tool/platform providers, database service providers, database security, database ecological communities, database talent training and other fields. It shows the key links and representative organizations of the database industry.