China eases tough stance after no protests against COVID-19 | Around the world DAILY | 1 Dec. ’22 : PPTVHD36

after last weekend China has faced massive protests from residents of cities across the country who have expressed their frustration with the lockdown and tightening measures under the no-Covid policy. Until seen as the biggest challenge to President Xi Jinping’s authority in the past 10 years, Chinese authorities have recently begun to turn to a more stringent approach to controlling COVID. from big cities like Guangzhou and Chongqing The protests and clashes between the police and demonstrators have just happened. The official has announced the relaxation of measures to prevent the spread of COVID. but he refused to note the Protests of the people which caused this accommodating attitude. #China #CovidChina #No protest #Channel 36 #Major news stories #News today #PPTVNews #PPTVHD36 #Round the world DAILY #PPTVStories Follow more news at website and Facebook Social Media channels: https: // Twitter : Instagram : pptvhd36 / Line :

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China eases tough stance after no protests against COVID-19

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