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Guizhou has many mountainous areas, and the traffic conditions are more complicated. Driving a transfer vehicle in the early hours of the morning was questioned as one of the reasons for the accident. (file photo)

A bus carrying quarantine personnel in Guizhou, China, overturned and killed 27 people, prompting people to question the costly secondary disaster caused by excessive epidemic prevention.

The new crown epidemic has entered its third year, and many countries around the world have gradually returned to normal, while China still maintains a strict zero clearance policy. Since September, at the summit with the slogan “Nucleic Acid Prosperity”, online rumors that “dynamic clearing will become a basic national policy” have also fueled public anger.

Guizhou transfer bus tragic accident

At around 2:40 am on Sunday (September 18), a passenger car rolled over in Qiannan Prefecture, Guizhou Province, The media and officials later confirmed that the vehicle was an isolation and transfer vehicle for people involved in the epidemic in Guiyang, transporting people involved in the epidemic to about 100 people. Quarantine locations 100 kilometers away.

Chinese media Caixin quoted a person from the Sandu County Emergency Management Office in Guizhou as saying that the people in the crashed vehicle were transport personnel from Guiyang to Libo, passing through Sandu County.

According to information released by Guizhou, there were 2 confirmed cases and 35 asymptomatic infections in the province on September 18.

On the day before the accident, Wang Jie, Deputy Secretary General of the Guiyang Municipal People’s Government, said on Saturday (17th) that due to the large number and wide range of people to be quarantined, it is difficult for the guests already in quarantine. operating in Guiyang to receive them completely and they needed to be transported to a brother city. The state controls standard isolation. Currently, 7,396 people have been transferred outside the city, and 2,900 people are being transferred.

Article 38 of China’s “Regulations on the Safety Management of Road Passenger Transport Enterprises” states that long-distance passenger vehicles stop running from 2:00 am to 5:00 am or shuttle; passenger vehicles with a one-way operating mileage of less than 100 kilometers which are not subject to this restriction. The map shows that the transfer destination of the vehicle involved in the accident in Guizhou is about 250 kilometers away from Guiyang.

Although Lin Gang, the deputy mayor of Guiyang, apologized in a news conference on Sunday evening, it was difficult to contain the anger and criticism of the people. Netizens asked why so many people still have to be transported when the epidemic is not serious? Why transfer late at night? Is such an operation illegal?

“Everyone is afraid of death, but I am even more afraid of dying because of some trivial absurdity, and I don’t even know why I died. Such a death is too light as a feather , and it almost destroys the dignity of human beings. The people who hit the road were so desperate in the few seconds when the car fell down the hillside.” said Weibo nets, with the nickname Babur.

Epidemic prevention in China

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There are also many netizens who sympathize with the injured: “Why do you think you won’t be on the bus that early in the morning?”

Weibo netizen “_Ruohan” said: “There is nothing to count on living in this place. I can only pray every day that no family member and friends sit on the out-of-control bus. I can only pray that every member of the group has been out of control and we in the bus are spared from death.”

“Basic National Policy” and “Nucleic Acid Prosperity”

Last week, it was widely reported in mainland China that the “dynamic clearing” policy would become China’s basic national policy. Some self-media articles quoted Chang Jile, deputy director of China’s National Center for Disease Control and Prevention, as saying: “At the State Council press conference on September 7, Chang Jile, deputy director of the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention said Disease Prevention, also makes it clear that the dynamic reset will be used as this basic national policy will be maintained for a long time.”

However, the later reported that the press conference on September 7 was not held by the State Council, but was one of a series of press conferences on the theme “This Decade of China ” The theme of the day was related to health since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China Health career development achievements. reported that Deputy Director Chang Jile, who attended the press conference, answered two questions during the press conference, which were from Singapore’s “The Straits Times” and the domestic media “Daily Economic News”. Looking back at the live video, it can be confirmed that Deputy Director Chang Jile did not express the statement that “dynamic clearing” has become or is about to become a basic national policy in his answer, or there are some words that cause ambiguity.”

Although the media refuted the rumours, such news immediately raised public anger in mainland China, which has been under strict epidemic control for nearly three years.

“Instead of refuting rumours, it is better to reflect deeply on why everyone is so panicked about this rumour. Many times we have not been able to come to such an official conclusion, but on the ground, this is not the actual practice the basic rumor says it. national policy is better than the basic national policy, is it more How scary?” said Weibo netizen “Yijia is blunt”.

Some netizens questioned that although a Chinese official did not specifically say that dynamic clearing is a national policy, various strict epidemic prevention and control policies have proven that dynamic clearing is a national policy.

Epidemic prevention in China

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Weibo netizen said “Have you done nucleic acid today?”: “Since it is a rumor, how long do you say (dynamic clearing) you will continue?”

In addition, it was recently reported on the Internet that Hangzhou will host the 2022 Nucleic Acid Drug Industry Summit Forum. Many people who think that nucleic acid testing is disturbing believe that it is very inappropriate to use the term “prosperity nucleic acid”.

The Twitter net-name “Dugu Qiuzhuan” said: “The prosperous age of nucleic acid is really appropriate. These nucleic acid industries get money much faster than robbing banks…”

“In the prosperous age of nucleic acids, capital is a carnival! In China now, which does not depend on nucleic acids to survive, and everyone complains in all kinds of throwing, saying too much argue about nucleic acids, refuse to do nucleic acids are illegal, and there is nothing in the world that is protected more than nucleic acids. The business is up.” The Twitter netizen said “keep yourself to your heart”.

The Beijing News, sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, also published an article criticizing him, calling the use of the term a “low-level red, high-level black” trick.

“The “prosperous age” that the public wants to usher in is the end of the epidemic and the normal life. The “high profile” statement of the “prosperous age of nucleic acid” of pharmaceutical companies is not “self-beauty”? the result is destined to be “self-defeating”” says the article.

Amid the skepticism from the outside world, the organizing committee of the forum announced that the event would be canceled on Saturday.

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