China fails to sign security agreements with Pacific island countries… Concerned about servitude?


China tried to come up with a multilateral agreement that would dramatically expand security and economic cooperation with the island countries in the South Pacific, but failed.

It was intended to break through the siege that the United States had placed in the Indo-Pacific.

The opposing countries seem to be concerned about China’s intentions to use them as a ‘organ egg’ to keep the US in check.

Reporter Ji-seon Kim reports.


Solomon Islands and Kiribati, Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Niue, Cook Islands and Micronesia.

At the Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Fiji, China attempted to reach an agreement on a ‘comprehensive development vision’ encompassing diplomacy and economic cooperation with these 10 South Pacific countries, but it was ultimately canceled due to objections from some countries.

“There were concerns in some countries about certain issues. We never force anything on other countries, let alone our developing country friends and small island nations.”

Micronesia’s President David Panuelo, known for his dissenting opinion, said “there is a risk of a new Cold War at best, and at worst a World War.”

Niue said China’s proposal needs more time to review because it is in the region’s strategic interests.

In response, China is expected to continue its stand-by of a ‘continuous discussion process’ and will continue to take an individualistic approach to individual countries.

The draft proposed by China includes the provision of establishing security cooperation relations with Pacific island countries and dispatching public security officers to train police in those countries.

They also offered millions of dollars in support to them, while hinting at the possibility of free trade agreements and free trade agreements.

This appears to be intended to serve as a bridgehead against the US Indo-Pacific strategy through economic support through ‘China Money’.

In particular, since this area is geographically close enough to be called Australia’s front yard, the United States and Australia are wary that it might lead to the emergence of a Chinese military base.

The failure of the agreement is interpreted as a combination of the US and Australia’s under-the-ground checks and controls, along with concerns among the parties that it could subjugate their country to China and push them into the middle of the US-China competition.

This is Kim Ji-sun from Yonhap News.

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