‘China ginger’ out of the market, the price of desi has increased

In Sylhet, the market price of daily products is unbridled. Volatile market due to increase in prices of garlic, ginger, eggs and chicken. Among them, Chinese ginger is not available in the shops for the last three days.

It is known on the ground that the price of desi ginger has increased by Tk 20-25 per kg. Earlier it was sold at Tk 90-100 but now it is Tk 120 per kg. And garlic is being sold at Tk 200 per kg. Which was sold last week for 180 taka. Accordingly, the price of garlic has increased by Tk 20 per kg. Lentils (small) increased by Tk 10 per kg. However, the prices of large lentils and onions are somewhat normal. Prices of fish, meat and eggs are on the rise.

Each Hali egg (red) is being sold at the rate of Tk 46. On the other hand, broiler and beef prices have increased by Tk 20-25 per kg.

On Saturday (February 6), various places in the city, including Rikabibazar, Bandarbazar, Amberkhana, Subidbazar, Madina Market and Medical Road, were seen, although the shops had sufficient supply of vegetables, the prices were relatively high. In the retail market, potato is Tk 25, green chillies Tk 120-130, coriander leaves Tk 120, tomato Tk 30, beans Tk 40, gourd Tk 80, bitter gourd Tk 40, cabbage Tk 20, cauliflower pieces Tk 30, carrot Tk 40-50 per kg, Barab is being sold at Tk 40, Chichinga at Tk 40, Jinge at Tk 50, Eggplant at Tk 40-50 and Papaya at Tk 30.


A piece of gourd (medium size) is being sold at 50 taka, 40 taka per hali kanchkala, 10-15 taka each red and spinach. The prices of all types of vegetables have increased by 5-10 rupees within a week.

Abid Mia, a driver from Bagbari area of ​​the city, who came to Madina Market area to buy vegetables and daily commodities, told Jago News that the market is full of seasonal vegetables, yet the prices are high. This week has increased more than last week. It is now impossible to market according to budget with limited income. The government needs strict supervision to control the market.


Raham Ali, a vegetable seller on the city’s Medical Road, said that many vegetables are not available in the city. The ones that are available are less in quantity. The price is also very high.

He said, this year the production of vegetables was low. As a result, winter vegetables did not come this year like other years. That’s why this time the price was relatively higher. The price will increase as time goes by.

Liberty Department Store owner Alamgir Hossain told Jago News that China ginger is not available in the wholesale market for three days. Due to this, the price of native ginger has increased.


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