China-Japan foreign ministers meeting… War of nerves over East China Sea, contaminated water, and Taiwan issues (2nd overall)

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China “You can’t be hostage to bad people” vs Japan “You have to play a role for international peace”

Japanese Foreign Minister visits China after 3 years… Leaders and foreign ministers of Korea, China, and Japan agree to resume consultations

Chinese and Japanese foreign ministers shake hands

(Beijing Kyodo = Yonhap News) Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi (left) and Chinese Foreign Minister and State Councilor Qin Gang shake hands at a meeting between the foreign ministers of China and Japan held in Beijing on the 2nd. 2023.4.2

(Tokyo/Beijing = Yonhap News) Reporter Park Seong-jin and Han Jong-goo = Chinese and Japanese foreign ministers met in Beijing on the 2nd and had a war of nerves over sensitive issues such as the East China Sea, the release of polluted water, and the issue Taiwan.

In addition, Japan demanded the early release of a Japanese working in China who was arrested for espionage deals, but China responded that it would deal with him according to the law.

According to Japan’s Kyodo News and China’s official Xinhua News Agency, Japanese Foreign Minister Hayashi Yoshimasa visited China and held talks and lunch with Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang in Beijing for about four hours, discussing upcoming issues between the two countries .

While emphasizing dialogue and cooperation, both sides began a war of nerves by indicating that there were not a few tasks ahead of their comments.

Foreign Minister Hayashi said in his remarks, “There are many possibilities for China-Japan relations, but at the same time we are facing many challenges and serious issues, and we are in a very important period.” After that, Japan checked, and strengthens cooperation with the United States, saying, “We must make the right choice that is not a shame of history and the people.”

When it comes to the situation in the Taiwan Strait, the biggest battleground in the strategic competition between the United States and China, they reveal a clear difference in their views.

After the meeting, Foreign Minister Hayashi met with reporters and emphasized the importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, and the Senkaku (尖閣, Chinese name: Diaoyu Islands), a territorial dispute between China and Japan.) expressed serious concern about the situation in the East China Sea, including the archipelago.

Regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he asked China to play a responsible role in maintaining international peace and security.

In particular, he expressed serious concerns about China-Russia military cooperation around Japan.

On the other hand, Director Chin reiterated that the Taiwan issue is China’s core interest and the political foundation of China-Japan relations, and stressed that the current situation should not be interfered with by Taiwan.

He said, “The US put a lot of pressure on the Japanese semiconductor industry as a bullying method in the early days, but now it is using this method again in China.” Mentioning Wihojakchang (爲虎作伥), he aimed for cooperation between the United States and Japan.

“The blockade only fuels China’s determination for self-reliance and self-reliance,” he said.

Sino-Japanese Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

(Beijing Kyodo = Yonhap News) Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi (pictured far left) and Qin Kang (pictured far right) host the Chinese-Japanese foreign ministers’ meeting in Beijing on the 2nd. 2023.4.2

Foreign Minister Hayashi demanded that a Japanese man in his 50s who was arrested last month in Beijing for violating the Anti-Espionage Law be released early.

At least 17 Japanese have been detained since China enacted its anti-intelligence law in 2014.

He demanded the release of all five Japanese currently in custody.

In response, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Minister Qin emphasized that cases involving Japanese espionage in China will be handled in accordance with the law.

The two sides also had a difference of opinion over the issue of the release of contaminated water from Fukushima.

Foreign Minister Hayashi explained the safety of the ocean release plan and protested that China’s opposition was not based on scientific evidence.

At the same time, China called for an early withdrawal of restrictions on Japanese food imports following the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident.

On the other hand, Chin pointed out that “the discharge of polluted water is a serious problem related to people’s health and safety,” and that “Japan should handle it responsibly.”

However, both sides welcomed the completion of the hotline on the 31st of last month between the defense authorities of the two countries to prevent accidental clashes between the Chinese military and the Japanese Self-Defense Forces.

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported that the two ministers agreed with the policy of resuming the consultation framework between the heads of Korea, China and Japan and the foreign ministers.

This is the first visit by a cabinet minister to China since the Fumio Kishida administration came into power in October 2021.

Foreign Minister Hayashi paid a courtesy visit to Chinese Premier Li Chang that afternoon for about 40 minutes, the Japanese Foreign Ministry said.

Foreign Minister Hayashi expressed his willingness to communicate closely at all levels in order to establish a ‘constructive and stable relationship’, which is a common understanding between the leaders of the two countries, although there are many concerns and challenges in China-Japan relations.

Premier Li welcomed Foreign Minister Hayashi’s visit to China and spoke about the importance of bilateral economic relations.

Foreign Minister Hayashi will also discuss relations between the two countries while having lunch with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, a member of the Central Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China.

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