“China keeps following me? Then push twice”…Samsung patents ‘dual slide’

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The smartphone market is becoming more and more flexible with flexible displays. Break away from the simple ‘bar’ type smartphone and fold the screen, do not roll it, and push it out.

While Chinese manufacturers such as Oppo and Huawei are releasing similar new foldable phones one after another, Samsung Electronics is currently researching new form factor technologies such as ‘rollable’.

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The patent published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on the 16th (local time) shows Samsung’s efforts to realize a large screen and portability at the same time. It has two ‘sliding’ displays, horizontally and vertically, that allow you to enjoy the advantage of a large screen by expanding the screen in a certain direction.

The device in the patent is equipped with a slideable display that can expand the screen to the left or to the right and to the top, respectively. Users can choose to expand each part or just one of them.

When a vertically long screen is needed, only the top is expanded. If you need a horizontally wide screen, you can expand it left and right. It gives the impression of combining the strengths of the Samsung foldable phone ‘Galaxy Z Flip’ and ‘Galaxy Z Fold’.

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When all the displays are unfolded, a rather unique shape is completed. It is not a regular rectangle, but about 25% of the height and about 30% of the width. The extension button is mounted on the left side of the device. Each screen is used as a secondary screen, and the ‘split screen’ function, which is useful in the current foldable phone, is used. For example, text messages can be checked on the upper screen while using the main display as it is.

According to the industry, Samsung has been developing slide-type smartphones for several years. As other manufacturers, including China, are also accelerating research on next-generation form factors, Samsung responds by applying innovative technologies such as △Under Display Camera (UDC) △S Pen handwriting input △Waterproof and dustproof. The goal is to raise the specifications of the foldable and rollable phone to the flagship level of the ‘Galaxy S’.

Another Samsung patent disclosed earlier showed a slideable phone with an ‘In-Display’ fingerprint sensor. Like the Galaxy S series, it is a method of recognizing a fingerprint on the screen. The industry is predicting that Samsung will first apply it to the 4th generation Galaxy Z series to be unveiled next year, and then expand it to slideable phones.

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