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Original Title: China Mobile Releases 5G+ Video Ring Tones, Digital Smart Media Platform, Continues to Expand “Circle of Friends”

On December 28, the main forum event of the 2021 China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival “5G Digital Intelligence New Era-Film Innovation and Development Forum under the Background of the Metaverse” was held in Xiamen. As a major part of this forum, China Mobile’s 5G+ video color ringtones and smart media (Fujian) platform was also released for the first time on the same day. Zhang Pimin, Chairman of China Film Foundation, Huang Xiaotian, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile Fujian Company, Yan Zhongwei, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile Migu Company, Zhang Jinshui, General Manager of Marketing Department of China Mobile Fujian Company, Chairman of T.621 International Standard Industry Alliance, Migu Liao Zhiyong, General Manager of Gu Animation Co., Ltd., Yuan Min, Secretary General of 5G+ Video Ring Tone Industry Alliance, Deputy General Manager of Migu Music Co., Ltd., and Tang Ying, Deputy General Manager of Migu Animation Co., Ltd. attended and witnessed the release.

Since the video ring back tone was first commercialized by China Mobile in 2018, it has embarked on a path of innovation. Yuan Min delivered a speech on the theme of “‘5G+Video Ring Tone’ Empowering Digital and Intelligent Film Industry to Promulgate New Paths” at the forum. Yuan Min said that the current video ring back tone has developed 240 million users, more than 15 million pieces of content generated through AI, and as many as 250 partners. After the realization of the three-network interoperability, more than 800 million users can watch the video ring back tone every month, and the monthly playback volume reaches 20 billion times.

As a brand new media announcement platform, video ring back tones has unparalleled advantages in movie announcements. Relying on the current user base and the unique call scenarios of operators, China Mobile Video Ring Tone can accurately lock different types of users according to movie audiences, thereby achieving a larger range of user coverage and more efficient announcements than ordinary short video channels. Push gameplay to provide full-process IP publicity services for the film and television industry. Before the release, the video ring back tone can be promoted by focusing on key areas and crowds, exposing clips, and combined with on-hook text messages to expand the scope of dissemination; Many users enter the movie theater; and in the long tail period, the influence of the movie can be further expanded by replaying the wonderful content.

Previously, China Mobile Video RBT has cooperated with many popular movies such as “Send You A Little Red Flower”, “The Humbling Expert 2”, “My Motherland and Me”, “My Father and Me”, “Win the Championship”, etc. The announcement has successfully made the movie “out of the movie theater”, so that every call is a movie promotion, giving users an immersive experience of the entire scene in the 5G era. In addition, the video ring back tone can also empower upstream and downstream communication, solve the demand pain points including film and television content announcements, cinema brand exposure, ticketing merchandise sales, etc., and can also realize family large-screen linkage with China Mobile’s 5G FUN auditorium to create 5G+ movies. Scene experience.

As the designated video ring back tone partner of this Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, China Mobile has unlocked the new social gameplay of Golden Rooster by relying on 5G video ring tones, the “new business card” for short video social networking in the 5G era. On the one hand, users can set Golden Rooster video ring back tone content in China Mobile’s Migu Music APP, and enjoy different Golden Rooster Hundred Flower movies through different forms of video ring back tone content such as M (9 seconds), L (15 seconds), XL (45 seconds), etc. On the other hand, users can easily participate in the interaction of grabbing red envelopes through the “Golden Rooster Red Packet Rain” video ring back tone activity, which combines Golden Rooster high-quality content and innovative interactive forms into one, expanding the one-stop content from “watching” to “showing” The new social scene has opened up an innovative propaganda model for Golden Rooster, realizing two-way empowerment in the film culture consumption scene, and bringing a new 5G short video interactive experience.

It is worth noting that China Mobile also released the “5G+ Video RBT Digital Smart Media (Fujian) Platform” for the first time under the witness of many partners. With the continuous development of China Mobile’s 5G capabilities, 5G+ movie full-scene experience will become a new trend in future movie announcements and provide new ideas for the movie industry. The successful attempt at movie announcements will also promote the innovation and integration of China Mobile’s video ring back tones in more areas, and will broadly empower various industries in the future to achieve the simultaneous improvement of 5G content value and commercial value. In the future, China Mobile will also expand its investment and use the “5G+ Video Color Ring Tone Digital Smart Media Platform” to continue to make efforts in the fields of film and television publicity, brand promotion, public welfare, government affairs and party building, and rural revitalization to help the ecological cooperation of video color ring tones. The industry chain involves fields such as communications, standards, media, terminals, and the Internet, and continues to grow the “Circle of Friends”.



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