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Original title: National Financial Morning Post | Kashgar, Xinjiang, rises to high risk of epidemic!


Four places in Kashgar, Xinjiang rise to high risk of epidemic

Starting at 24:00 on October 25, Zhanmin Township, Tokzake Town, Wukusake Town, and Sayibag Township, Shufu County, Kashgar Prefecture, have been classified as high-risk, and other townships in Shufu County The risk level is set as medium risk, and the epidemic risk level of other counties and cities is set as low risk.

Kashgar initiates first-level response

Up to now, 138 cases of asymptomatic infection have been reported in Kashgar, Xinjiang. The Kashgar Prefecture Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Headquarters immediately launched a first-level response, and the autonomous region and regional joint expert team quickly rushed to Shufu County to carry out work. The relevant departments comprehensively carried out epidemic research and judgment, flow adjustment, key population investigation, and nucleic acid testing. Resolutely adhere to scientific policy and precise prevention and control to ensure that the epidemic does not spread or spread.

138 asymptomatic infections in Xinjiang and all at-risk groups have fully implemented health management measures

Gu Yingsu, deputy director of the Health Commission of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, introduced: After the outbreak, the Shufu County Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters in Kashgar Prefecture immediately activated an emergency response mechanism. Quickly carry out epidemiological investigation and traceability work. The trajectory of 138 asymptomatic infections has been basically grasped, and health management measures have been implemented for all close contacts, close contacts of close contacts, general contacts and other risk groups. At the same time, nucleic acid testing for all employees was carried out quickly. Focusing on Shufu County, a free nucleic acid test was carried out for all employees in Kashgar.

16 students in Harbin infected with norovirus

From the evening of October 24 to 16:00 on October 25, 16 students from Bayan Senior High School in Bayan County, Harbin City, Heilongjiang developed mild vomiting and diarrhea. The school organized the students to visit Bayan County People’s Hospital. Treatment condition improves. Tested by the Harbin CDC, the test result was norovirus infection.


Over 8.62 million confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the U.S.

According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 17:30 on the 25th, Eastern Time, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the United States reached 8,627,274, and the cumulative number of deaths reached 225,197. In the past 24 hours, there have been 66,386 new confirmed cases and 487 new deaths in the United States.

The White House Chief of Staff says the U.S. will not control the new crown epidemic

On October 25, local time, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said in an interview with CNN that the United States “will not control the new crown epidemic.” Meadows said: “We will not control the new crown epidemic. We will obtain vaccines, find effective treatments and other mitigation methods.” When a reporter asked why the United States did not control the epidemic, Meadows said: “Because the new crown is just like the flu. This is a contagious virus.” He added that the Trump administration is “struggling to contain” the new crown.

South Korea’s deaths after influenza vaccination increased to 48

The Korean Agency for Disease Control reported on the 24th that the number of deaths after free influenza vaccination nationwide increased by 12 from the day before, reaching 48. This agency reiterated that the notification only lists the number of deaths after vaccination, and no direct link has been found between vaccination and deaths. In the future, it will continue to promote free influenza vaccination nationwide to avoid a “double epidemic” of new crown and influenza.

Affected by death of influenza vaccine in South Korea, Singapore temporarily suspends two influenza vaccines

The Ministry of Health of Singapore said on the 25th that based on the successive deaths after influenza vaccination in South Korea, it is recommended that the two influenza vaccines SKYCellflu Quadrivalent and VaxigripTetra be suspended.

Extend to April 2021!The special meeting of the Spanish cabinet approves the country’s emergency again

On the morning of October 25, local time, a special meeting of the Spanish cabinet approved the country to enter a state of emergency again, and curfew measures will be implemented nationwide, lasting from 23:00 to 6:00 am. In addition, the state of emergency will prohibit residents from traveling in large areas except for force majeure. The country’s constitution stipulates that the Spanish government can only approve a 15-day state of emergency. The government plans to apply in the House of Representatives to extend the duration of the state of emergency to April 2021. If it is finally successful, the state of emergency will last for six months.

Spokesperson of the Italian President and Prime Minister Tested Positive for Covid-19

According to Ansa News Agency, Italian Presidential Spokesperson Grasso tested positive for the new crown virus on the 25th. He developed a high fever on the 23rd and was tested for the virus immediately. Currently, all health indicators are normal. According to another report, Italian Prime Minister’s Spokesperson Casalino was diagnosed with the new crown virus on the 24th and currently has mild symptoms.

Italy takes new measures to further strengthen epidemic prevention and control

Italian Prime Minister Conte announced on the 25th that the Italian government will take a series of new measures to further strengthen the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic. From 00:00 on the 26th to November 24th, Italy will prohibit bars, cafes, restaurants, ice cream shops, etc. from continuing to operate after 18:00 every day; 75% of high school students will be taught online; cinemas, concert halls, and gyms will be closed , Swimming pools, etc., suspend all contact sports except for the national league; suspend various conferences, trade fairs, weddings and funerals, etc.; the museum can be open as usual.

Two employees of Singapore Changi Airport T3 are diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia and all staff will be tested

The Ministry of Health of Singapore announced on the 24th that two staff at Changi Airport’s third terminal (T3) were diagnosed with new crown pneumonia. The Ministry of Health will arrange for all T3 staff who may be in contact with passengers to be tested for the new crown virus.


IMF Vice President Zhang Tao: The IMF is cooperating with members and other international institutions to actively study the central bank’s digital currency and other issues

Speaking of digital currencies that many central banks are actively exploring, Zhang Tao, Vice President of the IMF, said that the IMF is working with members and other international institutions to actively study central bank digital currencies and other issues to help members better understand the central bank’s digital currency’s monetary policy and financial stability. , Consumer protection, cross-border spillover effects, etc. Some central banks are cautiously promoting related pilot projects, carefully weighing the opportunities and risks of central bank digital currencies. Countries will make decisions based on factors such as their national conditions, capabilities, and policy goals.

The central bank claims that the digital renminbi and WeChat Alipay have no competition: not in the same dimension

On October 25, Mu Changchun, director of the Digital Currency Research Institute of the Central Bank, stated at the Bund Financial Summit that WeChat, Alipay and digital renminbi are not in the same dimension. WeChat and Alipay are wallets, and digital renminbi is the money in the wallet. Tencent and Ant’s respective commercial banks are operating institutions, so there is no competition with digital RMB.

South Korea’s richest man Lee Jianxi’s deceased heir may have to pay $7 billion in inheritance tax

On October 25th, Lee Jianxi, the chairman of Samsung Korea, passed away at the age of 78. Samsung is the largest family business group in South Korea. The company’s total turnover is equivalent to one-fifth of South Korea’s GDP. According to the 2020 Forbes list of the richest in South Korea, Samsung Chairman Lee Kin-hee’s wealth ranks first, reaching $17.3 billion. Foreign media said that after Li Jianxi’s death, the heirs will bear about $7 billion in estate taxes.


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