China National Performing Arts Center Holds Concert in Berlin

Original Title: China’s National Performing Arts Center Holds Concert in Berlin

On the 18th, the China National Performing Arts Center held the “Mutual Learning Between Civilizations, Traveling Together” concert and exchange activity at the China Cultural Center in Berlin.

Wang Ning, President of the National Center for the Performing Arts, said in his speech that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Germany 50 years ago, the two countries have achieved fruitful cooperation in the field of culture. It is hoped that more international artists will appear on the stage of the China National Performing Arts Center in the future. The China National Performing Arts Center is ready to contribute to the promotion of communication and understanding between people from different countries and the prosperity and development of the international performing arts industry.

Wang Xiaoming, principal of the Zurich Philharmonic Orchestra who took part in the performance that night, said that as a musician he was very happy to build a bridge of cultural communication.

At the concert, Chinese and foreign musicians performed together pieces such as “Dance of the Yao Nationality” and “Gypsy Rhapsody”. Erwin, a German audience, told the reporter that the whole concert was great, especially the percussion music performance, and that he hopes to see more such performances in the future.

It is understood that the cultural exchange activities of the China National Center for Performing Arts are held successively in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

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