China not cooperating on debt issues “very frustrating” = US Treasury Secretary | Reuters

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen (pictured), who is visiting Japan, said on the 12th that China was “extremely frustrated” because China was not cooperating in debt restructuring in low-income countries, and the United States had talked with China several times on this issue. Stated. The photo is on the 8th of last month (2022 Reuters / Jonathan Ernst)

[Reuters, Tokyo 12th]-US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who is visiting Japan, said on the 12th that China has not cooperated with the debt restructuring of low-income countries and is “very frustrating”. He said he had talked rounds.

The Secretary told reporters that although there are many institutions in China that provide loans to developing countries, senior Chinese government officials have rarely cooperated in participating in debt restructuring.

“I tried to get cooperation in debt restructuring, but it’s very frustrating. I’ve been discussing this issue with China several times. International Monetary Fund (IMF), 20 countries / regions (G20), 7 major countries (G7) ) But it is on the agenda. “

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