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The space hospital is China’s new and rapidly developing project in the field of space. The aim of this space hospital is to protect the health of astronauts for a long time and provide facilities for necessary treatment when needed. The construction of the space hospital is so that it can be connected to the Chinese space station Tiangong, which is currently orbiting the earth.

There is a lot of research and experimentation going on in this area. The President of Beijing Aerospace Center Hospital Dr. Jichen says. Jichen also shares the hope that such trials will help stimulate the field of Chinese medicine as a whole. Researchers are studying ways to keep astronauts healthy for as long as possible and to effectively deal with the health challenges that can arise during long space missions.

Currently, medical care is provided to astronauts through doctors on Earth. Once such a hospital system is in place, astronauts can check their own health status at any time later and take necessary measures if necessary. A key challenge for researchers to implement ideas such as space hospitals is how to fit the maximum amount of medical equipment in the smallest space. A space hospital will use the smallest and most efficient form of many of the medical devices on Earth. For this alone, special research is required.

Each Chinese traveler spends six months on the Tiangong space station. Even before astronauts were enabled to perform such missions, medical experts had conducted a great deal of studies. One of the main subjects of study was how long space travel would affect the health of passengers. Studies have also shown that long-term space life can affect the nervous system, muscles and bones. There are concerns that longer space flights could affect passengers’ immune and respiratory systems and lead to urinary problems. The space hospital will have facilities to solve these types of health problems.

English summary: Experts plan to establish a ‘space hospital’ to serve astronauts


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