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China reports no new coronavirus cases in the country for the first time in a month

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Today (23 Aug. 64) foreign news agencies reported that Chinese health officials have revealed that China reported no new cases of coronavirus in the country for the first time since July after facing the coronavirus outbreak. A delta strain that is highly contagious. and spread to nearly 50 cities in 17 provinces

China’s latest wave of outbreaks in July started at an airport in Nanjing, east China’s Jiangsu Province. before spreading to other counties including in Beijing causing the need to lock down many areas Local media said it was the worst outbreak since the Wuhan outbreak late last year.

China takes strict measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Along with increasing the level of proactive testing, reports say dozens of repeated population tests for the coronavirus were carried out in a single city. to prevent the spread In total, more than 100 million tests were carried out in Yangzhou.

There are also other strict measures, with lockdowns in many areas. Including the suspension of trains and flights from various points across the country, some areas have measures to prohibit travelers from high-risk areas from entering. as well as measures for people to refrain from traveling and is confined at home before work and school can be reopened.

As of Aug. 22, China reported 94,652 infections in the country and 4,636 deaths, and no more deaths have been reported since the end of January.

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