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China reveals plans to relax borders, accept foreign tourists

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On September 20, Reuters reported that the Chinese government has released a plan to welcome foreign tourists by releasing draft regulations aimed at making it easier for foreigners to enter China for border tourism.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism said in a statement that groups of tourists accompanying tour operators in Chinese border areas can flexibly choose in and out of the country without specifying a specific location and time. China has closed its borders to foreign tourists since the spread of the coronavirus in 2020 and has allowed only a select group of foreigners to enter the country, such as those holding specific work visas.

In recent months China has gradually eased other regulations. It started with the resumption of more direct flights between China and other countries. Allowing foreign students with a residence permit to enter China including reducing the detention period for foreigners

China borders more than 10 countries, including Russia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Lao PDR and Vietnam. which in the past A number of Chinese cities along the border have been affected by cases of COVID-19. comes from abroad that comes from crossing the land border between foreigners and Chinese

Mr. Yang Jinsong, head of the China Tourism Academy State think tank Cross-border tourism will improve. Although it cannot be predicted when it will be restored. which depends on the situation of COVID-19 and the effect of the use of epidemic control measures which the Ministry of Tourism cannot decide for itself.


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