China shuts down independent media in Hong Kong, arrests 7 employees, including actresses supporting democracy

More than 200 Chinese security police launched a raid on Wednesday morning and shut down the office of online news organization Stand News, one of the last pro-democracy media outlets, CNN news agency reported. in hong kong Including the arrest of seven current and former employees on charges of disseminating sedition messages.

Police seized a large amount of items in Stand News’s office.

One of those arrested was Hong Kong singer-actress Denis Ho. Arrested at her own home She rose to prominence in the early 2000s, was a member of the Stand News Board of Directors and an avid pro-democracy activist in Hong Kong. She has also attended UN meetings. and the United States Congress.

According to Ms Ho’s assistant, police spent more than two hours raiding her home, confiscating several computers and phones. Including Ms. Ho’s identity card and passport before detaining her to the police station. As for a search at the Stand News office, officials confiscated a large number of documents.


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